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Yettel makes 5G-based office internet available to Hungarian SMBs

5G-based IrodaNet Pro can be easily installed in any office, retail outlet or workshop

Yettel is taking another significant step to promote the widespread adoption of 5G technology revolutionising networks. Hungarian SMBs can use its new service similar to and capable of replacing traditional fixed-line internet under the name IrodaNet Pro. This new use case of 5G justifies the company’s previous network development investments worth several tens of billions of HUF across Hungary.


This is how children spend their vacation this year

Smart devices make both parents and children feel more secure

Children spend nearly half of their summer vacation, that is, more than a month at home without any program this year. This was one of the findings of the representative survey conducted by Yettel and Xplora to find out how parents plan the summer for their children. Based on the answers, today’s parents enjoyed much more freedom during their childhood, but parents tend to give more autonomy to children who are always available on their mobile phone or through a smart wearable device.


5 useful tips: how to keep your mobile phone safe in the summer

Summer is a time to relax after the past busy months, to hit the beaches, festivals or head to the seaside. Either way, one thing is for sure: you don’t leave your mobile phone at home. The risk of handset breakdowns and accidents can increase when you’re travelling or relaxing. Yettel has put together 5 tips to keep your device safe in the summer, because it’s just as important to look after your handset as it is to look after yourself.


Budapest to host IoT trade show and competition

The event will showcase the M2M projects and services of Hungarian and international companies

On 25 and 26 May 2022, MOHAnet Mobilsystems Zrt. will organize the trade show, conference and competition of IoT solutions for the second time. The Yettel IoT Live Show will feature 26 Hungarian and international companies including Yettel, Albacomp and Konica Minolta demonstrating their smart solutions at the UP Event Space in Újpest, Budapest. A highlight of the event will be the IoT Grand Prize awarded to the best M2M project by a professional jury.


Yettel Pay mobile payment platform launched

Yettel customers using mobile payment solutions get valuable prizes or a credit to their mobile account balance

Aiming to promote card-free, safe and fast mobile payment, Yettel offers payment solutions for convenience services and digital content on the Yettel Pay platform.


Mobile instead of cable: Yettel launches 5G home internet service

The new technology capable of replacing fixed-line internet brings one of the most promising 5G business models and use cases ever to the Hungarian consumer market

In Hungary, Yettel is the first operator to launch a consumer home internet service based on 5G technology. Further expanding the range of the operator’s home services, Yettel OtthonNet Pro provides unlimited data and a speed common to fixed-line networks. Under the launch campaign, customers signing a loyalty contract can test the OtthonNet Pro service for 6 months without a monthly fee and without commitment.


To students’ attention: win a prize collecting used mobile phones

Sustainability Week to feature national collection campaign highlighting the importance of recycling

This year’s Sustainability Week will feature a used battery and mobile phone collection competition for primary school students and educational institutions. The competition increasingly popular from year to year attracted 183 schools from across the country last year. Students collected more than 9,000 mobile phones and e-gadgets and nearly 23,000 kg of batteries for recycling. This year, the competition will take place between 25 April and 25 May 2022.