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How to tame your robot

60 students compete in ProSuli robotics competition

1 day, 20 teams, 60 students, 20 teachers and 2 winning teams – these are the key figures of one of Hungary’s biggest robot building and programming competitions. The winning team in the senior category will represent Hungary at the 11th International Robotics Championship in mid-April.


Yettel Hungary appoints three new directors

Olga Szafonov and Ákos Bulla were appointed to Directors at the Commercial Division, while Balázs Mang was appointed to Director at the Technical Division as of 1 April. The newly appointed Directors support the execution of the company’s long-term strategy for the consumer segment and its ambition of becoming a leading mobile network-focused operator in both the consumer and business segments.


Are you bullied online? – Chatbot helps young people use the internet more responsibly

ChatMate, the interactive chatbot, features the voice of actor and singer Dávid Miller

Today, the internet and smartphones are an integral part of young people’s lives, but excessive online presence and the lack of awareness may pose a constant risk. The 13 to 18 age group is especially difficult to reach with programs aiming to raise awareness. During the Digital Week between 27 and 31 March, ProSuli is launching a new online solution to address young people’s habits. ChatMate offers an interactive way to learn about online bullying, digital footprint and digital well-being with the involvement of actor and singer Dávid Miller.


Hungarians want a quality mobile phone at a discounted price

HONOR X7a is now available for HUF 0 in Yettel’s promotion

At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, many vendors presented new handsets, with a clear trend towards a strengthening mid-range segment, alongside the announcement of high-end handset models. According to Yettel data, the majority of Hungarian mobile users also prefer mid-range value phones and specifically look for promotions. In its upcoming promotion, the operator is offering HONOR X7a handsets for HUF 0 to enable customers to share reliable network experience with each other.


5G technology supports MSc and BSc students at Óbuda University

Óbudai University has signed a partnership agreement with Yettel Hungary for the deployment of a 5G mobile communications network. The technology directly supporting students and researchers and the related training mark a milestone in enhancing the education provided by the university. Under the strategic partnership, the mobile operator and the university collaborate not only in education but also in recruitment.


Fraudulent emails and SMS messages seem to spread unabated – but there is a solution

More than 100,000 people have used Yettel's NetPajzs solution to block nearly 3 million suspicious websites in 3 months.

Almost everyone has encountered fraudulent messages in the form of SMS or e-mails using the branding of well-known companies to solicit people’s personal data or even their banking credentials in their name, which the fraudsters then either sell on the dark web or misuse themselves, harming unsuspecting people. Awareness is the key to protection, but there is also a simple technology solution that can increase your security even in the event of an accidental click.


How to make the most out of your mobile phone

 Useful tips from Yettel

It’s a basic need to use your mobile phone wherever and whenever you want, so it can be frustrating if a service falls short of your expectations. Your phone doesn’t ring, or you want to send a message but the app won’t load? Contrary to popular belief, this is often caused by environmental conditions or even a handset failure rather than the network. Yettel can now help you find out what to do in such cases – it’s good to know that sometimes you just need to restart your handset.


370 million gigabytes – the first year of the Yettel brand

Brand celebrates its 1st anniversary

On 1 March 2022, the Yettel brand was launched simultaneously in three countries – Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia. In Hungary, Yettel’s brand awareness reached the level of its predecessor already by September 2022[1]. In the first year, the mobile network had more than 370 million gigabytes of data traffic, and customers made nearly six billion minutes of voice calls and sent more than one billion SMS messages. In line with changing customer needs, the operator will introduce new postpaid tariffs from 2 March.


This is how modern folk music and rock sound together

Kacaj and The Pontiac release new song

The blending of two musical genres is always exciting – the latest collaboration between Kacaj and The Pontiac is no different. The song “Ébredek” (I’m awakening) promises a catchy tune both to the lovers of Hungarian folk pop and those of American-style rock music. The co-production is a good example of how two bands from different backgrounds and different genres can find common ground. The two bands met and their song and video were produced as part of the Yettel Stage music platform.


ProSuli launches Digital Ambassador program

Yettel’s digital education program elevates to next level by opening regional offices

ProSuli is launching its Digital Ambassador program. The aim is to bring the digital education program, currently running in 130 schools, to more communities all over the country, to more teachers open to innovation and the digital world, and through them to thousands more children to help them and reduce the burden on their teachers.