Simplified bill payment for a Yettel phone number

Pay your own or your friend’s/relative’s/grandparents’ bill easily without logging in.
If you are paying someone else’s bill, it is important that you know the exact amount of the bill in order to settle the entire amount payable. Click on the "Payment" button and the payment page will open. If payment is successful, we will send the confirmation to the email address provided there.

1 Enter the Yettel phone number on the bill you want to settle twice.
2 Enter the exact amount to pay!
Maximum payable amount is the sum of all currently open invoices.
3 Payment

With the amount paid here, you will always settle, in part or in full, the invoice with the earliest due date.
The amount cannot be higher than the actual total outstanding invoice related to the phone number.
If the amount entered on the page is higher than the amount payable, we will send the balance information as an SMS to the specified phone number.