Sustainability reports

Our reporting system

Yettel Hungary has published a corporate responsibility report or a sustainability report every year since 2006. These reports aim to provide an overview of the company’s economic, environmental and social performance. Our company has been publishing these reports according to the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework since 2008.

GRI is the most widely used and respected sustainability and responsibility reporting framework in the world. For more information about the reporting framework please visit GRI’s website.

The information included in this report is based on the following sources: our annual financial statement; a non-financial report prepared for our parent company; our statutory environmental reports; our internal policies; our core principles; and our corporate data management system.

The reliability of data and information is ensured by expert and senior management reviews. Compiling the report, special consideration was given to the completeness of information, the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of data and we also took special care to make data comparable, involve internal and external stakeholders and demonstrate sustainability in context.

If you have any question or recommendation regarding our sustainability report, feel free to contact  us by sending an e-mail to