• Doing Good CSR Award

Integrated CSR solutions category 
Yettel HiperSuli offer  – FIRST PLACE

  • Prizma Kreatív PR Award

Projects-PR-driven integrated campaign category
The longest fan scarf of the country – Golden Award

IT/Telecommunication sector category
The longest fan scarf of the country – Silver Award

PR tools: Movie, PR film, education film category
From crisis to strength – the psychology of reopening – Bronze Award

  • Arany Penge:

Brand Activation 

  • bronz penge: Yettel Együtt/tér
    ezüst penge: Hipernet Túrabot, Loveplant

Unique, innovative tools

  • ezüst penge: Loveplant 

Online integrated campaigns

  • bronz penge: Loveplant

Product design

  • bronz penge: Loveplant


  • Content+Marketing Awards 2020: Social activation in last year’s integrated ‘Hiperfast’ campaign – BRONZE award  
  • INFLU 2020: Social activation in last year’s integrated ‘Hiperfast’ campaign – BRONZE award
  • HRBest “Future Generation” category: The silver award went to “Joining forces to promote education during the COVID pandemic – Teaching at home” project in which Yettel presented its “Online Teaching” program launched with KórházSuli in March 
  • Effekt 2030 – Award of social investments: Yettel Hungary has won the first place in ’The most exemplary employee’ category
  • Mentor Oscar: Endrei-Kiss Judit, our Chief People Officer received the individual award for being a mentoring and leadership role model within the company and externally, too.
  • Best.net Award is organized by Kreatív for the best digital campaigns, solutions and apps. Yettel received 4 awards with 3 campaigns:
    • Chatbots category: Hipernet Túrabot – Gold Award
    • Non-sales targeted brand activity: Hipernet Túrabot – Silver Award
    • Facebook-post category: Justice for the Bálints! – Silver Award
    • Innovative platforms category: Yettel Light Taxi – Bronze Award
  • M+ List: Yettel gained at the 4th place in the Top 10 advertiser category at the M+ List of Kreatív Magazine and MAKSZ (Union of the Hungarian Communication Agencies), which is the 1st place among telco companies in this category.
  • HRKOMM Award: on the competition organized by a partnership of hrpwr.hu, Üzlet & Pszichológia and Kreatív magazine, Yettel was rewarded for four projects:
    • “The Most Original CSR Program” category: gold award for Yettel’s digital education program, HiperSuli
    • “Community Building Solutions” category: gold award for the Yettel Mobilizer community
    • “The Coolest Video” category: gold award for the #WEAREHEREFOREACHOTHER remake video
    • “Internal Communication Solutions and Internal Communication in Peacetime” category: bronze award for the ‘Christmas #TOGETHERISREAL’ initiative
  • Loveable Workplaces Award: Yettel won the award for the 3rd time in 2020, in the multinational companies category


  • HRBest: Silver Award for Yettel’s ’Together for the education during the COVID pandemic’ programme
  • Excellence in Customer Service Award: First place in the In-person Customer Service category; Shared first place in the Electronic Customer Service category; Third place in the Telephone Customer Service category; Special prize for ‘Best Experience Provider’ (Electronic category); Special prize for ‘Best Workplace Team’ in the retail category.
  • Puskás Tivadar Award: granted to Győző Drozdy, Yettel’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
  • Hypnosis: Bronze Award received for the ‘justice for Bálints!’ campaign and Silver Award for the #thanksdad campaign
  • dmbp: Bronze Award for the #Youcanbeanything campaign in the Digital Execution category
  • Lollipop: ’Client of the Year’ award for Yettel; Golden Award for HipernetTúraBOT campaign in ’brand-experience solutions’ and ’experience-marketing solutions’ categories; Golden Award for Együtt/Tér (Together/Space) campaign, and Silver Award in ‘Image category’ and a Special Award for the support of local communities also for Együtt/Tér.
  • Effie Award: Bronze Effie Award in ‘Seasonal marketing category’ and in ‘Services/telco sector category’ for the Yettel-Xmas campaign, and Effie finalist in ‘telco-category’ for the Yettel MNP number porting campaign.
  • DreamJo.bs “Best Workplaces” Award: ’Employer brand’ Special Award and among the top 25 multinational companies.
  • HR Komm Award: Finalist Award in the ‘HR-Plus Category’ for the Holy Craziness project; Silver Award in ‘Event category’ for the Learning Day project.
  • Zyntern Office Spotting: Master Spot Award for the Yettel House chatBOT used at the Office Spotting event.
  • Open Spotligh Award: Special mention Award for the Holy Craziness project


  • Aranypenge - Bronze Blade Award for Yettel’s Hipernet campaign in the Integrated Solutions category
  • Lollipop – Gold Prize for the #momcool campaign in the Gift Items category, Silver Award for the ‘Job-seeking dogs’ campaign in the PR category, Bronze Award for the #thanksdad campaign in the Video Solutions category, Bronze Award for the ‘Job-seeking dogs’ campaign in the BTL-based Integrated Campaigns category, Customer of the Year Award
  • Effie Award – Bronze Effie Award in the Seasonal Marketing category, and Silver Award for the ‘We give you time to celebrate’ campaign in the Services category
  • Magyari Endre Award: Granted to Zoltán Bánhidi, Senior Consultant of Yettel’s Regulatory Affairs Office for his decades of outstanding efforts to promote the growth of Hungary’s infocommunications market 


  • Effie Award - Gold Effie Award in the Services category for Yettel’s ‘Hello Data Unlimited Hipernet - Unlimited You’ campaign
  • Website of the Year Competition - Yettel TV won the Application of the Year award


  • Effie Award - Bronze Effie Award in the Introductory Campaigns category for Yettel’s Free Devices campaigns
  • Lollipop - winner of the Digital Future campaign in the B2B Events category
  • Aranypenge - Gold Blade Award for Yettel’s Emoji Collection campaign
  • CSR Hungary Award - Sustainable Large Company category 
  • CSR Hungary Award - Common Cause category: Internet safety training
  • CSR Hungary Award - Green Excellence category
  • CSR Hungary Award - Responsible Cooperation (Hospital School programme)
  • CSR Hungary Award - Yettel’s Internet Safety Training programme finished third in the Highest-impact Sponsorship Programmes category
  • IT Behaviour Award – Innovation Award in the Business Development category


  • Effie Award - Silver Effie Award in the Services category for Yettel’s Hipernet Pokorni Lia series
  • Effie Award - Bronze Effie Award in the Services category for Yettel’s Hipernet for All campaign


  • Hungarian Donor Forum - Special Prize for Creating Value Together, for the strategic cooperation between Yettel and the Hungarian Red Cross


  • FIABCI Prix d’Excellence: Yettel House finished second
  • Excellence in Hungarian Property Development: First Place


  • Excellence in Customer Service Award, 2011: Second place in the In-person Customer Service category (Large companies)
  • Construction Quality Award for the Yettel House


  • Excellence in Customer Service Award, 2010: Award for the Call Center Team with the greatest patience


  • Good CSR Award: for best strategic dialogue between businesses and NGOs 
  • The ‘Biggest High-hanging Fruit’ award, granted by the KÖVET Association: Pannon House, the office building completed by Pannon in September 2009 was granted a prestigious award in recognition of the company’s commitment to environmentally conscious solutions: the heat pump system installed in the office building received the ‘Biggest High-hanging Fruit’ award from the KÖVET Association



  • ‘Greatest-performing Company of the Year’ title granted to Pannon on the basis of its performance in 2007 at the Figyelő TOP 200 Award Ceremony in 2008
  • Good CSR Award
  • Bay Zoltán Innovation Award to Győző Drozdy for his innovative work performed at Pannon


  • Best Workplace for Women 2007, special prize: awarded by the journal Világgazdaság for the benefit package offered to women 
  • Summa Artium Award for Contemporary Art


  • Business Ethics Award 


  • Investor in People Award: Pannon was the first recipient of this award in Central and Easter Europe
  • Best Customer Service Award, 2004: Readers of Connect voted to grant the Best Customer Service Award to Pannon in 2004