Additional data tickets for prepaid plans

Choose one of our data tickets!

1 GB 1 napos mobilnet
625 HUF
  • 1 GB data within Hungary and the EU
Text 1GB1 to 1744
Unlimited daily data ticket
1250 HUF
  • Unlimited data within Hungary
  • 5GB data within the EU
Text KORL1 to 1744
Unlimited data ticket for 5 days
3750 HUF
  • Unlimited data within Hungary
  • 12 GB data within the EU
Text KORL5 to 1744

Choose one of our data + extra minutes package!

1 GB for 5 days with voice credit
1250 HUF
  • 1 GB data
  • 2 000 Ft voice credit
Text 1GB5 to 1744
3 GB for 5 days with voice credit
1875 HUF
  • 3 GB data
  • 3 000 Ft voice credit
Text 3GB5 to 1744
10 GB for 5 days with voice credit
3750 HUF
  • 10​​​ GB data
  • 6 000 Ft voice credit
Text 10GB5 to1744

Choose extra voice credit!

Extra minutes for 5 days
625 HUF
  • 1 000 HUF voice credit
Text 5H to 1744

Choose one of our recurring data tickets!

1 GB recurring data ticket
1500 HUF / 30 days
  • 1 GB data within Hungary and the EU
Text 1GB30 to 1744
3 GB recurring data ticket
3125 HUF / 30 days
  • 3 GB data within Hungary and the EU
Text 3GB30 to 1744
10 GB recurring data ticket
6250 Ft / 30 nap
  • 10 GB data within Hungary and the EU
Text 10GB30 to 1744


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  • The services may only be used in addition to a prepaid voice tariff package, irrespective of whether that tariff package has a data amount included or not.
  • The service is available against payment of a periodic fee and is activated after the deduction of its fee. 
  • The service can be used for 30 days from activation. Unused data quotas cannot be carried over to the next service cycle.
  • Mobile Internet packages are services including data traffic quotas with data amounts available for use within Hungary, the EU and countries in roaming tariff zone 1.
  • From 15 June 2017, you will normally incur the same mobile fees as your domestic fees during occasional travels within the EU and other countries of tariff zone 1.
  • If you have an insufficient balance, your subscription to the service will be suspended. The service will be activated upon the first top-up with a sufficient amount, restarting the 30-day service cycle and making the discounts applicable.
  • If your balance is insufficient for deducting the periodic fee for 3 consecutive months, the package will be cancelled from the 4th month.
  • We will attempt to deduct the periodic fee on the day following the expiry of the 30-day period. If sufficient balance is not available on your prepaid account, the conditions for the basic tariff package will apply and the data amounts included in the package will not be made available, with the recurring Internet package being suspended until a top-up.
  • Switching between recurring data tickets is instantaneous. In this case, the periodic fee will be deducted in its entirety, the 30-day period will restart and unused data quotas will be removed.  
  • If you cancel a recurring data ticket within 30 days, the unused data quotas will also be removed and the periodic fee that has already been deducted will not be refunded.
  • Recurring data tickets can be supplemented by our one-off daily or 5-day data ticket.
  • We notify you via SMS when you reach 80% and 100% of your quota.

  • Data amount
    • If the domestic data traffic included in the package is used up and you do not have a Mobile Internet service package, the domestic and general data traffic will not be available until the end of the prepaid service cycle (speeds reduced to 0/0 kbps).
    • In addition to the periodic fee, no over-the-limit fee will be charged for domestic traffic.
    • The data amount included in the data packages will be available at the transfer speeds set in your tariff package. Ordering the service will not affect the theoretical maximum download and upload speeds set in the tariff package; the rates specified in the tariff package will remain unchanged.
    • If your tariff package does not come with a data amount included, the data amount included in the data packages will be available to you at a theoretical maximum download speed of 7 Mbps and a theoretical maximum upload speed of 2 Mbps.
    • The data amount available domestically included in the service is used by all types of data traffic.
    • Traffic quota is reduced by 0.01 MB increments.
    • If you have a one-off data ticket, we always expend the data quota for this ticket first. After that, we will deduct from the recurring quota and then from the data quota included in the tariff package and finally from the amount included in the data package.
    • If you do not use up the data amount included in the service during the service cycle, the discount may not be carried over to the next 30-day period.

Data: Every time you use the Internet on your phone, you use data. When you browse, visit social media sites, watch videos or download pictures. You can purchase data in packages containing a specified amount. The more you use the Internet, the more data you need.

Data usage: If you access the Internet on your phone or use applications, you use data. Please be aware that the apps on your device can use data even in the background, without any indication or warning: they download your new messages, refresh weather data or check for new versions, which they can offer for download. These synchronisations running in the background count as data use, just like when you are browsing, watching videos or listening to music. You may limit the data use of apps with certain settings, e.g. to update only through WiFi.

MB/GB: Unit of measurement of data. MB: megabyte, GB: gigabyte. 1 GB = 1024 MB.

Mobile Internet quota / data traffic quota: Data of a pre-determined amount used for accessing the Internet and available until the end of the validity period. Your tariff package can include a Mobile Internet quota, or you can purchase an additional data ticket or an extra data package to add to your existing quota.

Tracking data usage: You should keep track of your Mobile Internet quota, so it doesn’t come as a surprise if you suddenly run out of quota. You can add to it in time by purchasing a new data package. This way you can continue watching videos, browsing and sharing your experiences on the Internet. You can find regularly updated information about your Mobile Internet quota on the free MyYettel app. You can set most smartphones to warn you when you reach a certain data amount.

Using up data traffic quota: This is the situation when you use up all data available to you. Two things can happen in this case. We either reduce the speed or disable it, depending on your data package. If you continue using the Internet after the speed reduction, no further fees apply. We notify you via SMS when you reach 80% and 100% of your quota.

Using up the data traffic quota within the EU and other countries of tariff zone 1:
EU data quotas are not extra data quotas in addition to existing domestic quotas. Instead, a part (or the whole) of the domestic quotas apply not only within Hungary, but within roaming tariff zone 1 as well, therefore, these quotas may be used up in a larger geographic area.

We send an SMS notification upon reaching the EU data quota. Then, the remaining available domestic data quota will be used up and a surcharge of HUF 1,082/MB will be incurred. The data connection will be terminated upon reaching the domestic quota. You will not be able to conduct further data traffic until the end of the billing cycle. Similarly to the domestic service, this restriction can be lifted by ordering an additional data service. In this case, the EU quota included in the additional service will be used up without surcharges.

Additional data ticket: When you use up your Mobile Internet quota but would like to continue using the Internet at the usual speed, you should order a one-off additional data ticket. This data ticket is valid for 1 or 7 full days from the date of ordering it in addition to a prepaid tariff package and a one-off fee will be deducted for every order.

Recurring Internet / extra data package: If you want to use the Internet with a larger Mobile Internet quota regularly, and not just on an ad hoc basis, you can choose from our 30-day recurring Internet packages. It is sufficient to order this package only once, after which the increased data amount will be available to you for 30 days. The fee for the 30-day recurring data package will be deducted from your balance.

Validity of data tickets and data packages:

For prepaid subscribers: for one-off daily Internet packages, 1 full day from ordering; for weekly Internet packages, 7 full days from ordering; and for 30-day recurring data packages, 30 full days. 

Speed: The speed of the service you use means the speed at which you receive and send data while using the Internet. The higher the speed, the smoother and faster pages and videos load, and the faster you can use the Internet.

Speed limit: If you have completely used up your data quota for the given period, we limit the speed. However, all you need to do is order an additional data ticket or an extra Mobile Internet package above and continue using the Internet.

WiFi and Mobile Internet: You can choose to use a WiFi network freely in addition to your Mobile Internet package. If you connect to a WiFi network, you don’t use your Mobile Internet quota while accessing the Internet.

Download and upload speed guaranteed by the Operator with 2G, 3G, HSPA, HSPA+, HSPA+DC and 4G/LTE technologies: 0 Mbps. The availability of the offered bandwidth (theoretical maximum download and upload speed) depends on the availability of the network technology providing the service at the given location, the availability of devices (e.g. phone, suitable SIM card) supporting the technology and the network load at the given moment.