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Hungarian developers seek answers to the three biggest challenges of the crisis

Yettel’s cash-prize hackathon encourages Hungary’s most talented professionals to resolve issues related to the energy crisis and inflation

Europe is facing unprecedented energy shortages, while inflation is also hitting record highs globally. In Hungary, household budgets and small and medium-sized businesses can be hit hard, and urban mobility may well be shaken to the core. New technology solutions, however, can resolve these major challenges. With a total prize of HUF 5 million, Yettel’s hackathon is encouraging Hungary’s most talented professionals to identify these solutions and elaborate them in detail.


Nearly one in four Hungarian households still lack home internet

Home internet is getting increasingly popular: penetration is growing by 2 to 3 percentage points every year. More than three in four Hungarian households now have access to the internet at home and a device enabling big-screen content consumption such as a desktop, laptop, smart tv or tablet. This spring, Yettel pioneered home internet services in Hungary with the launch of a 5G-based home internet service for consumers provided over a mobile network. Now it is extending its promotion offering a 6-month trial for a monthly fee of HUF 0.


Summer data traffic increases fivefold in five years

The launch of 5G contributes to the accelerated annual growth of internet traffic

The Yettel network report on mobile usage patterns in Hungary compared traffic data from the summer months with those of the same period in previous years. The results show an accelerated growth in mobile internet demand, but also an increase in voice calls and SMS traffic compared to the summer of last year. In terms of data traffic, the Lake Balaton region and, despite the effects of the drought, the Lake Velencei area also increased above average.


How to find balance with new music

Majka and Margaret Island present new artists at Yettel Stage’s free 5G Superconcert

Do you always listen to the same few albums over and over again or rather immerse in new artists’ music? Research has shown that people are most open to new music when they are young, but other studies claim that novelty and good music have a positive impact on your life. You can discover new music and fresh talent on 8 October in Budapest at the free 5G Superconcert of Yettel Stage, where Majka and Margaret Island will be joined on stage by emerging new bands KACAJ, Perrin and The Pontiac.


New name, more training opportunities and 135 schools: this is how Yettel’s digital education program starts the school year

A digital repository including nearly 60 interactive lessons to support teacher development

Known as HiperSuli since 2015 among teachers and institutions open to digital education across the country, Yettel’s digital education program will move to the next level and will continue as ProSuli from September. The project will offer new opportunities: participating teachers can soon enrol in sustainability and mental health training. The training materials developed under the successful digital curriculum program are already used by nearly 800 teachers across the country.


Community gardening at Yettel HQ

The community garden is cultivated by volunteer staff to produce fruit and vegetables for internal use and also for charitable purposes

Yettel’s HQ in Törökbálint is located in a Natura 2000 protected area, adjacent to mountains and farmland, on a total of 8 hectares. The building known for its environmentally friendly solutions including geothermal heating, outstanding energy-saving solutions and solar panels now also has a self-sufficient community garden tended by volunteers. Half of the food produced here is taken home by the volunteer farmers, while the other half is sold to raise funds for charity.


Children spend most of their time online, yet we don't pay enough attention to their safety

Children are much less able to identify harmful content online than they claim to be, according to a recent survey. Meanwhile, parents are not always sure how to approach their children's online activities, and as time goes by, they pay less and less attention to it, even though teenagers are the most frequent victims of cyberbullying. To help parents understand their children’s online activities, Yettel announced the launch of TudatosNet knowledge packs for the start of the school year. 


5 reasons why you shouldn’t keep your old mobile phone in the back of your drawer

According to a recent nationwide survey, Hungarians store a lot of unused electronics at home. For example, 63% of the population keep an old mobile phone in their drawer. Many people keep them as a back-up, but many don’t know what to do with them, or just don’t feel like dealing with the issue. So Yettel, with the help of e-waste expert István Balika, member of the board of the Hungarian Waste Management Federation, shows why recycling is a good choice.


Yettel appoints new Chief HR Officer

On 1 August 2022, Enikő Szalai took over as Chief HR Officer of Yettel Hungary. A professional with 25 years of international experience in HR management, she will join the telecommunications company in a challenging period and an exciting corporate environment.