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Being a dog-friendly employer is an advantage in the job market

Although not yet an expectation, “dog-friendliness” is an important consideration for pet owners when choosing between two similar jobs. And experts say that in a few years’ time, not being dog-friendly could be a significant competitive disadvantage for an employer in the job market. Yettel came third out of more than a hundred entrants in Hungary’s national “LegbolDOGabb munkahely” (Most Dog Friendly Workplace) competition.


Yettel’s new service makes small and medium-sized enterprises more flexible

The task determines where you work – not the cable

As a result of a development program worth tens of billions of HUF, Yettel’s network is now mature enough to provide wireless office internet services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to the increased capacity of 4G technology and the rapid expansion of 5G coverage, companies can now use the operator’s office internet service anywhere in the country besides their premises. 


Yettel offers home internet service with even more flexibility and fewer cables

Operator introduces two major innovations and automatically includes a 5G router with the OtthonNet tariff

The average data traffic of Yettel’s home internet customers has almost doubled in a year, with 5G users leading the way. Offering even more customer-friendly new features, Yettel is taking its OtthonNet service to the next level to maximize the potentials of mobile technology, making it is now even easier and faster to set up and more flexible to use. The service is now available at 2.5 million addresses nationwide on Yettel’s best-ever network.


Here they are: artificial intelligence and 3D printing in education

New collaborative teaching materials developed in ProSuli’s curriculum development competition to help teachers acquire the use of forward-looking technologies

Classroom teaching is made more enjoyable for students and often easier for teachers when digital teaching methods are used. It’s equally important for teachers to keep up with the technologies that young people are really interested in and that could open up new horizons in education. This was the spirit behind the recently concluded community curriculum development competition of Yettel’s ProSuli digital education program.


Analysis reveals major increase in Hungarian mobile internet demand

Yettel identifies a 54% increase in data traffic nationwide and a 35% increase at Lake Balaton and Lake Velencei, and a twofold increase in roaming traffic in Croatia this summer compared to last year’s figures.

A specific feature of mobile networks is that their users are typically not fixed to a specific location, so capacity planning is a key element in network design. Some areas can see a major rise and then a fall in a single day, and there are also peaks in traffic in certain parts of the calendar year with higher seasonal demand for network capacity that the mobile operator needs to serve smoothly.


The online world is safe if used in the right way

Now you can get 7 days of unlimited internet per month by watching TudatosNet videos

The use of smartphones has become so common that you want to have your handset close at hand, or at least around you all the time. If you accidentally leave one morning without your mobile phone, you will certainly return and fetch it. But what about children? There are many studies showing that young people start using smart devices earlier, and – mostly because of their lack of experience – are being exposed to a lot of harmful content online. Parents or a more experienced sibling can help prevent this, but ISPs also have a role to play. As part of its commitment to safer internet use, Yettel is now preparing for the start of the new school year with a series of animated videos and a back-to-school offer to promote digital awareness.


Dog-friendly etiquette: how to take your dog with you on errands

How to make running errands customer- and dog-friendly – tips and advice not only for dog owners

Today’s dog owners increasingly treat their dogs as best friends and members of the family, so it’s no surprise that more and more restaurants, malls and retail outlets welcome customers and guests with their canine companions. Yettel’s shops, for example, have been dog-friendly for the past two years, so you can take your dog to nearly 100 Yettel shops. However, you may be faced with many unexpected situations during your visits, as your dog is often not used to the new environment. How can you prepare for these occasions and what expert advice can you get before you set off? Judit Damásdi, head of the Hajógyári Dog School, will answer these questions and give you some useful tips. 


Deadline extended for applications to Hégető Honorka Award

Applications are accepted until 17 September

The deadline for applications for this year’s Hégető Honorka Award has been extended to 17 September. Now in its 19th year, the award will be presented to journalists and reporters who highlight important and timely social issues, possible solutions and responses in the form of videos or photos.


Data deletion guide: how to prevent your personal data from falling into the wrong hands

Happy holiday photos, last month’s gas meter reading, credit card details, text messages – people store a lot of similar, often sensitive data on their mobile phones, often without realising it. According to a recent survey, a significant proportion of Hungarians pass on their mobile phones to others, and many of them do not delete the data stored on them, which could fall into the wrong hands. Yettel can help you keep your data safe and you can even get a discount, if you return your old phone to the operator.