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Yettel Pay mobile payment platform launched

Yettel customers using mobile payment solutions get valuable prizes or a credit to their mobile account balance

Aiming to promote card-free, safe and fast mobile payment, Yettel offers payment solutions for convenience services and digital content on the Yettel Pay platform.


Mobile instead of cable: Yettel launches 5G home internet service

The new technology capable of replacing fixed-line internet brings one of the most promising 5G business models and use cases ever to the Hungarian consumer market

In Hungary, Yettel is the first operator to launch a consumer home internet service based on 5G technology. Further expanding the range of the operator’s home services, Yettel OtthonNet Pro provides unlimited data and a speed common to fixed-line networks. Under the launch campaign, customers signing a loyalty contract can test the OtthonNet Pro service for 6 months without a monthly fee and without commitment.


To students’ attention: win a prize collecting used mobile phones

Sustainability Week to feature national collection campaign highlighting the importance of recycling

This year’s Sustainability Week will feature a used battery and mobile phone collection competition for primary school students and educational institutions. The competition increasingly popular from year to year attracted 183 schools from across the country last year. Students collected more than 9,000 mobile phones and e-gadgets and nearly 23,000 kg of batteries for recycling. This year, the competition will take place between 25 April and 25 May 2022.


Yettel deploys innovative technology and launches new business portfolio

Operator announces new generation of M2M communication technology and unlimited business mobile tariff plans

Yettel has announced three innovations developed for the B2B market. Business Prime is a brand-new tariff portfolio tailored to SMB needs offering unlimited service, accelerated customer service and combinable handset discounts. The other two technology innovations open new opportunities in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.


Time-based digital BKK tickets added to Yettel Wallet app

Customers can now have the cost of their BKK tickets charged to their mobile phone bill

Paperless solution for occasional journeys

The line tickets and time-based (30- and 90-minute) digital tickets of Budapest Transport Center (BKK) have been added to the range of services available with the Yettel Wallet app. Time-based tickets enable customers to change BKK lines several times and travel both ways within the specified time slot. Using time-based tickets, any journey started within the validity period can be completed within Budapest, even if it takes longer than 30 or 90 minutes. Tickets can be purchased in a simple and convenient transaction using the Yettel Wallet app with the cost charged to customers’ mobile phone bill. With the digital solution available without a convenience fee, even occasional journeys become completely paperless.


Yettel establishes Customer Experience Department

The new function is headed by Loránd Várkonyi

Upon the launch of the new brand, Yettel has set up its Customer Experience Department headed by Loránd Várkonyi. Through the active and extensive contribution of the new department, the mobile operator wants to elevate customer satisfaction to a higher level, a key goal of the new brand.


Yettel gives a paid day off to volunteering employees

Yettel Hungary provides a paid day off to volunteering employees joining humanitarian organizations to help mitigate the war crisis. On the day selected for the initiative, Yettel employees will share information, provide guidance, distribute food, do packing and packaging at the sites designated by the Hungarian Red Cross and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid. Volunteers with a car will also be involved in transportation efforts.


Yettel makes eSIM available to all

In addition to medium-sized and large enterprises, now Yettel consumers and small-business customers can also get a virtual SIM card. Using eSIM enables the full elimination of plastic waste generated by traditional SIM cards in the long run, it makes mobile phone use more convenient and provides direct internet access also to other devices. The latter is supported by a new consumer tariff plan designed specifically for smart watches.


This is how the Russia-Ukraine war has changed roaming traffic

Fewer roamers, more total roaming traffic and international calls

As expected, the mobile internet and voice call traffic of roaming customers has increased significantly in Ukraine. The number of international calls made and SMS messages sent from Hungary to Ukraine has also significantly grown. In Russia, the length and number of roaming calls have been on the rise, while the number of international calls made and SMS messages sent on Yettel’s network have also increased substantially.