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Are you safe online?

This year’s NetBiztos video competition for young people focuses on the safe and creative use of the internet

What should you look out for when surfing, chatting, browsing, listening to music, watching videos and blogging online? The NetBiztos competition launched by DUE Media Network and Yettel sought to answer these questions, and the winners were announced at the DUE National Youth Media Festival.


Roaming traffic could hit record levels this summer

Yettel publishes network forecast ahead of the holiday season

Similarly to domestic data usage, roaming data traffic is also on the rise. According to Yettel’s latest network report, its customers have already roamed as much data abroad this spring as they did in last year’s peak period of July and August. Roaming data traffic in April this year was 75% higher than in April last year. The trend indicates that roaming traffic records could easily be broken this summer. Yettel is preparing for the summer season with new offers for convenient mobile use abroad.


Hungarian self-driving car on the world stage again

World record-breaking vehicle developed by the students of the University of Győr will compete in France

Universities from more than 20 countries will put their concept vehicles to the test at the Shell Eco Marathon in Nogaro, France between 19 and 25 May. This time, the student team from Széchenyi István University of Győr has entered their self-driving car in the ‘Energy Efficiency’ and ‘Autonomous’ categories. For years, Yettel has been providing the team with a reliable internet connection, essential for testing and competing.


Does your mum know what your job is about?

Yettel celebrates Mothers’ Day with a special open day

A Mothers’ Day survey conducted by Yettel Hungary among its employees and their families has revealed that one in three mothers have only a vague idea of what exactly their child’s job involves. The idea of the open day was inspired by the fact that although everyone talks to their parents about their work, they rarely get the chance to show what they do in real life. The survey also revealed that mothers see the development of work-related technology tools as the biggest change in the labour market over the past 20 to 25 years, alongside home office and hybrid working arrangements.


Yettel TV is launched – 2 million hours of TV watched during the pilot

In addition to national commercial channels, movie channels are also popular, children’s content is being recorded by many users
Following a successful open pilot, Yettel’s home TV service Yettel TV is now available with up to 93+3 channels on TV sets and mobile handsets. With its mobile home internet services and Yettel TV, the operator now offers a full range of home services to millions of households nationwide.


AI and smartphone apps in education – ProSuli’s curriculum development competition reopens

“You shouldn’t be afraid of artificial intelligence, but find its place in education”

The buzzwords of modern school education include smartphone apps, artificial intelligence and gamification. ProSuli digital curriculum development competition announced for the fourth time is now open to teachers in ten categories. The aim of the competition is to support teachers by expanding their digital teaching opportunities. The resulting teaching materials will be made available to all teachers in the form of free video tutorials on Webuni.


Tips for setting up your new phone safely and conveniently

Many people ask friends and family for advice when buying a new smartphone, but they may also need help when they’ve already bought their handset and want to set it up. Moreover, without the necessary awareness, they can face threats, such as phishing text messages, accidental spending or data loss during everyday use. So, it’s a good idea not to leave your less smartphone savvy relative, friend or child alone with their new phone. Yettel is now sharing some useful tips to promote safe and convenient phone use.


The race is on for used mobile phones

Schools and students can compete in collecting used mobile phones and batteries as part of Sustainability Week

The national Sustainability Week to be held between 24 and 28 April will feature the launch of a seasonal competition to collect used mobile phones and batteries. The competition aims to raise children’s awareness of the importance of waste sorting and recycling. The competition open to students and schools will take place between 17 April and 19 May, with the Ministry of the Interior, the Kék Bolygó Foundation and Yettel Hungary as main sponsors.


Two decades have passed, but social challenges are still with us - The Hégető Award Program is open for applications for the 20th time

The world has changed a lot in twenty years, but social problems have not abated and humanity is facing serious new challenges in many fields. The role and significance of the award, established in memory of Honorka Hégető, the RTL Klub reporter who died young in a car accident, and the relevance of the videos and photos made in the spirit of Honorka, are unfortunately as important in 2023 as they were twenty years ago.  Honorka prepared reports mainly about the lives of disadvantaged people, for which she was granted the Tolerance Award in 1999. Her work is commemorated by the Hégető Award, established in 2003 by the foundation bearing her name and awarded each year to journalists and writers who deal with socially important issues that deserve public attention.