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Peaceful instead of stressful. How to have a balanced Christmas this year?

The key to a good gift and a good giver

Mad rush at work before the holidays, school programs, gift-hunting, endless shopping lists: just some of the reasons why many people find the run-up to Christmas stressful. Yettel’s research shows that, besides being concerned about the economic situation this year, a quarter of Hungarians are stressed out about buying gifts for the holidays. How can we find balance in this busy time of the year and give a gift that truly brings joy, regardless of your financial means? Psychologist Angéla Dienes is now sharing some practical tips to reduce the stress around the holidays and gift-giving. 


Yettel’s Christmas campaign is centred around the message “The most precious gift is you”

Instead of traditional gift-buying, Yettel highlights the power of personal gestures in this year’s Christmas campaign. In collaboration with renowned illustrators, it presents a festive collection of 25 cards to inspire shared experiences and make the celebrations even more personal. The cards are available in Yettel shops nationwide and at the website


New research: Hungarians plan to buy less gifts for the same number of people this Christmas

ift spending declines, intangible gifts get more important

Yettel conducted a nationwide representative survey to explore Hungarians’ Christmas gift-giving plans and their expectations for the holidays this year. The impact of the economic situation and the resulting tightened family budgets are clearly reflected in the plans for Christmas spending. Four out of ten Hungarians plan to spend less on gifts or on celebrating Christmas in general, and there are also some who plan to celebrate with fewer loved ones, mainly for financial reasons. Yettel’s recent research also shows that the majority are happier with intangible gifts, and with that comes an increase in the number of people giving experiences as a gift. Three out of four respondents have already received a gift they were unable to use. A personal, intangible gift can be a solution to resolve this issue.


In the second phase of globalisation, robots take over the role of cheap labour

Yettel event speakers include one of Europe’s most experienced futurists and Judit Polgár, the best female chess player ever

The next era will be defined by high-performance smart grids and the technologies running on them, said author and futurist Ray Hammond at Yettel’s annual business partner meeting. At the Yettel Connect event, international chess grandmaster Judit Polgár, the only woman ever to be ranked in the top ten of the world’s best chess players, talked about the versatility of strategy making using the analogy of chess.


What does an advanced mobile network deliver?

Yettel and Széchenyi István University of Győr bring their joint projects under the same roof for the first time

Autonomous vehicles combined with a smart mobility system and optimised for energy efficiency, a drone scaring off game to prevent crop damage powered by 5G and an IoT solution for the digitisation of agriculture to increase crop efficiency. These are some of the automotive and agricultural development projects implemented as part of the collaboration between Yettel and Széchenyi István University of Győr. The event presenting these innovations for the first time was opened by Károly Balázs Solymár, Deputy State Secretary for Technology at the Ministry of Technology and Industry (TIM).A


Hungarian mobile communications R&D reaches another milestone

Óbuda University and Yettel enter into strategic partnership

The mobile operator will build a mobile network using 5G technology at Óbuda University (ÓE), and will also cooperate with the higher education institution in education and recruitment. The partnership agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of ÓE, and Zoltán Dávid, Chief Strategic Officer of Yettel. The parties aim to promote the continuous development of the Hungarian mobile communications industry and support the adoption and implementation of new mobile technologies in Hungary.


Yettel works with contemporary artists to raise awarenessof the accessibility of social media sites

Special poems make photos accessible for the visually impaired

To celebrate the month of sight, Yettel asked nine renowned Hungarian poets, writers and slammers to describe a photo using words for visually impaired social media users. The resulting book of poems was first available exclusively as alt. text, that is, as a description of photos for the visually impaired, but now anyone can read it. With this initiative, the operator hopes to draw the attention of the sighted to the problem that profile owners often fail to make their posts digitally accessible in social media, making them truly “invisible” to many.


Detailed call for hackathon entries published today

Yettel’s HUF 5 million competition for energy management solutions shifts up a gear

Europe is facing unprecedented energy shortages, while inflation is also hitting record highs globally. In Hungary, the consequences could have a profound impact on household budgets and the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as on urban transport. New technology solutions, however, can resolve these major challenges. With a total prize of HUF 5 million, Yettel’s hackathon is encouraging Hungary’s most talented professionals to identify these solutions and elaborate them in detail.


War, health, alcoholism: this year’s awards go to reports on important social issues

Hégető Honorka Award winners announced

This year, 74 video and photo entries were received for the Hégető Honorka Awards Program. The majority of this year’s entries focused on war and refugees, but there were also many reports on pressing social issues. Alongside six video and one photo winners, one entry was awarded the Yettel Special Prize, as in previous years. The winners include journalists from Partizan, 444, Deutsche Welle, HVG, Telex and RTL.


Yettel’s new mobile business tariffs offer significant savings by the end of the year

Yettel has fixed the net monthly fee of new business tariffs, including that of the largest tariff plans, at a price point of HUF 2022 until the end of the year. In addition, it offers a number of benefits, typically for SMBs, such as handset discounts of up to HUF 95,000 per subscription, international EU calls available in tariffs by default or priority customer service for Prime tariff-holders.