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Gábor Rakonczay sets new record on the Danube

Extreme athlete sets record for the fastest kayaker to complete the Hungarian stretch of the Danube

Paddling for 57 hours and 48 minutes, Gábor Rakonczay has set a verified record on the Hungarian stretch of the Danube – a distance never before achieved in such a short time by kayak. The multi-day extreme kayak tour organised upon Yettel’s initiative was made difficult by changeable weather and sometimes unexpectedly strong waves, which required immense concentration from the athlete, especially at night. He spent only 5 to 10 minutes at refreshment points every few hours to relax and slept for a total of only 1 hour and 15 minutes during the nearly 58-hour challenge.


Gábor Rakonczay to make Danube record attempt

Yettel invites legendary extreme athlete to cross the Hungarian stretch of the Danube in record time

Gábor Rakonczay, two-time Guinness World Record holder and multiple ocean-crossing seaman, who has been to Greenland and Antarctica, regularly undertakes extreme challenges of several hundreds of kilometres. He has already crossed Hungary running twice, and will now paddle through the Hungarian stretch of the Danube in a single kayak between 17 and 19 February 2023. He plans to complete the 4-day trip in 48 hours, paddling day and night, setting a new verified record for this section of the river.


Yettel launches new home TV service

Yettel is launching a new home TV service, offering customers a full range of home solutions, including home internet. The Yettel TV service for home use will be launched from 14 February with an open trial period. Customers of the operator can try the service for HUF 0 per month for 3 months in packages offering up to 93+3 television channels, if they subscribe to OtthonNet or OtthonNet Pro tariff plans.


Yettel distributes 1 million GB of mobile data as a free gift

To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of the Yettel brand, the operator is distributing 1 million GB of mobile data to Prime group customers with voice plans in a new promotion. Yettel wants its customers to share the reliable network experience with each other, so eligible customers can request and share an extra 100 GB of data with other Yettel subscribers or activate it for themselves.


Children’s online activity is not discussed at home, but it should be – Safer Internet Day on 7 February

According to a nationwide research conducted for Safer Internet Day, the number of encounters with adult content, adults pretending to be children, and ransom or phishing messages has also increased in the last 2 years

Although young people spend most of their free time online, their parents are more likely to ask them about what happened at school in daily conversations at home, found a recent nationwide survey. Commissioned by ProSuli, Yettel’s digital education program, the survey looked at how familiar parents are with their child’s online activities. It turned out that children in the age group of 7 to 12 are already active social media users, even though some platforms’ rules do not allow registration under the age of 13. It’s encouraging to know, however, that if children encounter harmful content, they are very likely to share their experience with their parents.


Yettel launches mental health program for teachers

In our fast-paced world, you constantly face unpredictable events and it’s increasingly challenging to find the balance essential for your mental health. In response to that, Yettel’s digital education program, ProSuli, decided to launch its Mental Balance initiative to support schools in helping teachers and pupils achieve and maintain their mental health.


Special sensitisation initiative during the holidays

Yettel’s campaign generates hundreds of thousands of views and donations totaling HUF 10.5 million

The video content in which content creators with disabilities gave Christmas gifts tips generated nearly six hundred thousand views. Based on the number of views, Yettel donated a total of HUF 10.5 million to KézenFogva Foundation that will be used to help people living in care homes and to support digital accessibility.