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5 reasons why you shouldn’t keep your old mobile phone in the back of your drawer

According to a recent nationwide survey, Hungarians store a lot of unused electronics at home. For example, 63% of the population keep an old mobile phone in their drawer. Many people keep them as a back-up, but many don’t know what to do with them, or just don’t feel like dealing with the issue. So Yettel, with the help of e-waste expert István Balika, member of the board of the Hungarian Waste Management Federation, shows why recycling is a good choice.


Yettel appoints new Chief HR Officer

On 1 August 2022, Enikő Szalai took over as Chief HR Officer of Yettel Hungary. A professional with 25 years of international experience in HR management, she will join the telecommunications company in a challenging period and an exciting corporate environment.


Young people aged 13-19 are encouraged to read and create in a joint competition announced by Yettel and Bookline

Participants making a film out of their favourite summer book can win valuable prizes

Yettel and Bookline have announced a creative competition titled “From Book to Film” (Betűből képkocka). Under the competition, young people aged 13-19 are encouraged to make a film based on a book they’ve read this summer. The entries to be submitted by 18 September will be evaluated by a professional jury. Winners will be granted valuable prizes that will encourage them to create even more inspiring content. The films shortlisted for the competition will be shown at Cinemira International Children’s and Youth Film Festival.


Digital Inclusion Fund: beneficiaries and donors wanted

The fund established by the Hungarian Red Cross and Yettel accepts applications for the purchasing of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and software

Thanks to the Digital Inclusion Fund launched to improve digital inclusion, several people in need have already been given digital devices to support the digital inclusion of socially deprived groups. The Fund established by Yettel and the Hungarian Red Cross supports the purchasing of devices that meet the requirements of the modern age including mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The Fund is open for applications on an ongoing basis. It continues to welcome businesses and private individuals wishing to donate and socially disadvantaged private individuals and institutions in need of funding.


Majka, Margaret Island and Punnany Massif promote talented bands

Yettel Stage music platform launches with free concerts

Yettel is launching a music platform where Majka, Margaret Island and Punnany Massif will promote emerging local bands. The Yettel Stage aims to help talented performers gain national exposure through digital tools and the experience of seasoned musicians. The platform will launch with a unique series of free concerts at three locations across the country.


Nationwide survey: Hungarians keep a surprisingly high number of old mobile phones at home

Those returning their old handsets to Yettel are eligible for an NMHH subsidy of up to HUF 40,000 when buying a new mobile phone

63% of Hungarians keep unused mobile phones at home, and in the majority of cases there are several handsets in drawers that are more than 10 to 15 years old, according to Yettel’s latest nationwide survey. Many people don’t know what to do with their old handsets, or don't feel like dealing with them. Improperly stored electronic devices, however, can be a hazard to the environment. Yettel is now launching a large-scale campaign to collect old mobile phones and raise awareness of the importance of recycling. Some 2G- and 3G-enabled handsets will make their owners eligible for an NMHH subsidy of up to HUF 40,000 when buying a new phone.


Smart travel tips: how to use your phone smartly

Have you run out of mobile data, is your battery down or has your handset failed the water resistance test? In the age of smartphones, your mobile phone may be your travel agent, boarding pass, camera, map and information desk. The lack of these functions is really noticeable when something unexpected happens to your handset during your holiday and you can't use it. Yettel experts have put together 5 tips to help you prevent the most common problems and prepare your phone for the summer season.


From Győr to a world competition in France: cheer for a self-driving car developed by Hungarian students in Nogaro

The autonomous vehicle developed by the students of Széchenyi István University in Győr joins international challenge

The essential features of autonomous vehicles include environmental sensing, GPS and mobile internet-based positioning, accurate camera system. The team of Széchenyi István University in Győr developing their autonomous vehicle for years is now facing an exciting challenge. In early July, they will take part in an international competition to solve complex tasks in Nogaro, France, where they will be connected to the internet for precision self-driving by Yettel.


The University of Debrecen and Yettel partner for digital competence development

New training course launched with the joint support of the University of Debrecen and HiperSuli

The four-year partnership agreement signed by the University of Debrecen and Yettel Hungary is focused on digital competence development, teacher training and the elaboration of digital teaching materials. The cooperation for teachers’ digital competence development is based on a recently closed successful pilot project. In the pilot, teachers involved in the operator’s HiperSuli digital education program completed a 2x30-hour accredited training and then were enrolled in the university’s two-semester higher-level vocational training program.