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How to have a safe beach holiday

Useful tips for spending time on the beach or swimming across Lake Balaton

How can you protect yourself effectively against the heat? What to do if you step on a shell? When to start a bike tour around Lake Balaton or how to prepare for a swim across the lake? In the summer heat, many people head for the beach, but the fun can easily be spoiled by an accident. Here are some useful tips from Yettel and its partners to keep you and your loved ones safe during your beach holiday.


Your old mobile phone is worth up to HUF 30,000 at Yettel

Consumers can contribute to the recycling of tonnes of used handsets  
After last year’s successful campaign, Yettel is again encouraging people to return their used mobile phones to its shops. The operator is now offering a discount of up to HUF 30,000 on the purchase of a new mobile phone to those who return their old handsets as part of a campaign to support the responsible management of electronic waste.


Warning: the summer season is prime time for online fraudsters

Nearly 200,000 people have already activated an effective solution to protect against online threats

Internet fraudsters, the virtual pickpockets of our time, never give up. There’s hardly any person in Hungary who hasn’t experienced a scam attempt via email, SMS or phone call in their immediate environment. The methods usually take advantage of people’s gullibility and lack of attention, so the summer period can make the population even more vulnerable to online threats. But there is a solution.


Should you regulate watching TV during the summer holidays?

Tips for responsible parents

More free time during the summer holidays can also mean that children spend more time watching TV. When to let them watch TV during the break? Do you need to regulate screen time at all, and if so, how should you start? Balázs Koren, expert of Yettel’s digital education program ProSuli, gives some useful advice on how to let your children watch TV in a responsible way.


70% more mobile phones and twice as many batteries: students collect record amount of waste in 5 weeks

214 schools took part in the seasonal national waste sorting competition

The seasonal national waste sorting competition, launched as part of Sustainability Week, has been joined by 214 schools. This year, students collected nearly 70% more mobile phones and almost double the amount of batteries than last year. One student alone collected 700 mobile phones, while another record holder collected more than a ton of batteries. The main sponsors of the competition were the Ministry of Interior, the Kék Bolygó Foundation and Yettel Hungary.


Digital Inclusion Fund is open again

Hospitals, nursing homes, children’s homes and individuals can apply

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are all devices that are now indispensable for staying in touch, learning or even finding a job or working. However, disadvantaged people often do not have access to the IT device and software needed due to financial difficulties. The Digital Inclusion Fund was established by the Hungarian Red Cross and Yettel to help address this issue. Applications to the Fund will be accepted until 30 June 2023.


How to avoid a hefty mobile bill when travelling abroad

You take it for granted that you can be reached on your mobile almost anywhere and anytime, and you're not willing to give that up in other countries either. Fortunately, roaming abroad has become much simpler in recent years – especially in EU countries and other countries in Tariff Zone 1. Tariffs and terms, however, can differ significantly in other tariff zones. The tariff plan used can also make a difference, and the quality of networks abroad can also vary. Yettel has now come up with some useful tips to help you avoid worrying about roaming while on holiday.


Are you safe online?

This year’s NetBiztos video competition for young people focuses on the safe and creative use of the internet

What should you look out for when surfing, chatting, browsing, listening to music, watching videos and blogging online? The NetBiztos competition launched by DUE Media Network and Yettel sought to answer these questions, and the winners were announced at the DUE National Youth Media Festival.


Roaming traffic could hit record levels this summer

Yettel publishes network forecast ahead of the holiday season

Similarly to domestic data usage, roaming data traffic is also on the rise. According to Yettel’s latest network report, its customers have already roamed as much data abroad this spring as they did in last year’s peak period of July and August. Roaming data traffic in April this year was 75% higher than in April last year. The trend indicates that roaming traffic records could easily be broken this summer. Yettel is preparing for the summer season with new offers for convenient mobile use abroad.