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Hungarians’ Christmas shopping habits and discount preferences

Yettel has a surprise in store for its consumers this Christmas

According to a recent national survey by Yettel, four out of ten Hungarians intend to buy Christmas gifts online this year, and almost the same number plan to use apps. More than half of those surveyed are looking for vouchers and discounts. For a HUF 10,000 purchase, many consider a HUF 1,000 discount to be a good offer. The mobile operator is now helping them in their gift hunt with surprise discounts in the Yettel app.


Yettel launches the most advanced 5G network for its customers

As part of the strategic partnership between Óbuda University and Yettel, the university’s researchers and engineers have access to the most advanced 5G connectivity available today.
Yettel was the first in Hungary – and a global pioneer – to make standalone 5G technology available to its customers in a public offer. While current 5G networks rely on 4G to set up the connection, the newly launched standalone 5G relies on 5G for all components of the mobile connection using only the frequencies dedicated to 5G. This development brings to fruition many of the benefits of the 5G standard, including a significant reduction in network response time, a further increase in available download and upload speeds and the ability to launch new digital services. Yettel is offering the benefits of standalone 5G first to customers using its home and office 5G services.


Hungarians plan to spend more than HUF 70,000 on Christmas gifts this year

Price of gift less important than last year

Hungarians plan to spend HUF 11,000 more this Christmas than in 2022. The price of the gift is less important now than before, according to a recent national survey by Yettel. Half of the respondents start shopping before December. The most popular gifts are toys, clothes and electronics. Most respondents are also looking for discounts and special offers. The mobile operator has come up with gift ideas tailored to these needs for its Christmas shoppers. 


Yettel introduces grandparental leave

For the first time in Hungary, new grandparents can take extra days off at Yettel

Nowadays, when grandchildren are born, grandparents are often still active in the labour market and are less able to take their share and support the family than before. In response to this need, Yettel will grant 5 days of paid leave to every employee who has a grandchild starting from November. The extra days can be taken by grandmothers and grandfathers alike.


Yettel launches innovations benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises

Combined handset discount, unlimited service, cyber protection and priority call center support

The SME sector also has to respond to the changing economic circumstances, as well as to the opportunities and challenges of digitisation. In response to this need, Yettel’s new tariff plans for SMEs provide combined handset discounts, unlimited service, cyber security and priority call center support to small and medium-sized businesses.


3 tips to make your long autumn weekend more exciting

“Workation” is good solution if you’re running out of days off but could use a break
Although the shortening days and the yellowing leaves are a clear sign that it’s time to put on your thicker coats and pack away your flippers, you don’t no need to say goodbye to having fun. Autumn is still full of activities to do and exciting places to explore – and you don’t even have to cross the border to get there. Whether you’re looking for a day trip, a long weekend away or quiet home office in a tranquil cottage, Yettel has something for everyone to enjoy over the long weekend at the end of October or the autumn school holidays.


This year’s winners of the Hégető Honorka Award announced

Award granted to journalists of Telex, HVG, RTL and Szabad Európa

This year, the Hégető Honorka Award program was organised for the 19th time with a record number of 78 video and photo entries from which the jury selected four videos and one photo for the award, and Yettel granted a special prize to one video. This year’s winners were journalists from Telex, HVG, RTL and Szabad Európa (Free Europe). Entries covered a range of social, environmental and moral issues, but similarly to last year, many entries were inspired by the war in Ukraine.


How to place your router in your home for good internet access

Full-length mirror and aquarium don’t help

What do you need to get the best possible mobile network quality at home and watch your favourite show without interruption? Signal strength and a good router are the responsibility of your operator, but it’s good to know that the location of your mobile router in your home can also make a difference. Read on for Yettel’s advice on how to find the perfect spot.


Being a dog-friendly employer is an advantage in the job market

Although not yet an expectation, “dog-friendliness” is an important consideration for pet owners when choosing between two similar jobs. And experts say that in a few years’ time, not being dog-friendly could be a significant competitive disadvantage for an employer in the job market. Yettel came third out of more than a hundred entrants in Hungary’s national “LegbolDOGabb munkahely” (Most Dog Friendly Workplace) competition.


Yettel’s new service makes small and medium-sized enterprises more flexible

The task determines where you work – not the cable

As a result of a development program worth tens of billions of HUF, Yettel’s network is now mature enough to provide wireless office internet services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to the increased capacity of 4G technology and the rapid expansion of 5G coverage, companies can now use the operator’s office internet service anywhere in the country besides their premises.