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Hungarian team sets new world record in France

Students from the University of Győr take first place in two categories of Europe’s biggest energy efficiency competition

A team of students from Széchenyi István University of Győr has won a prestigious competition in France. Their self-driving car took first place in both the energy efficiency and autonomous categories of Europe’s largest energy efficiency competition, beating some of the continent’s most prestigious universities. As part of a project contributing to automotive research, Yettel has for several years provided the team with a reliable internet connection, essential for the accurate navigation of the race car during testing and competition, supporting the success of the young engineers.


Still few women working in STEM

Applications are now open for the joint scholarship program of Yettel and Óbuda University

Applications for the joint Yettel and Óbuda University scholarship program for women studying IT and engineering are open from 22 May. The scholarship will contribute to the realisation of the students’ academic plans, with a total budget of HUF 5 million per year and 4 students per semester.


Coming soon: artificial intelligence and virtual reality in education

Call for applications for the ProSuli competition for teachers

Teaching and learning with AI or XR technologies, mental balance in the age of artificial intelligence. This year again, Yettel’s digital education program ProSuli is launching a competition for teachers. The aim of the competition is to encourage teachers to create digital teaching materials closely related to their subject areas, with a particular focus on maths, science and foreign languages. The materials will be made available to all teachers in Hungary. The top 25 entrants will receive mobile internet for the whole summer, while 10 winners will receive a gift voucher worth HUF 120,000 each.


Can you have home internet based on mobile technology?

Almost everyone now has a mobile handset in their pocket, but mobile technology is also changing the landscape for fixed-line home internet. It requires some adaptation, but the benefits are significant. You can access the internet at home not only through a fixed-line connection, but also through mobile internet which in turn offers a full internet service. This in itself offers several benefits especially with 5G mobile networks, and can be a powerful option in places where fixed-line internet is not available.


National survey explores what mothering and leadership skills have in common

Mums took the lead at Yettel for one day

Decisiveness, conflict management, problem-solving skills and empathy: these are the main leadership qualities that Hungarians consider essential for mothers, according to a recent national survey on Mother’s Day by Yettel. The mobile operator compared leadership skills with motherhood skills, and found that eight out of ten respondents believe the skills they acquired while raising children can be put to good use at the workplace.


Artificial intelligence in education – Pécs hosts regional ProSuli event

The first ProSuli Teachers’ Day educated teachers about the practical application of ChatGPT   
The first regional ProSuli Teachers’ Day focusing on artificial intelligence was held in Pécs in April this year, with the participation of more than 20 schools. Since 2015, Yettel’s ProSuli digital education program has been actively supporting schools and teachers across the country to use digital tools in the most effective way enabling them to work with cutting edge methods.


How to park in pay zones

Over the course of a single year, drivers parked for a total time of almost 12 years combined using Yettel’s mobile parking payment service, an average of 84 minutes per parking session. But which is the busiest week in Hungary in terms of parking and how much did the most active mobile parking user spend in a year?


Where is the best place for used mobile phones?

It’s not worth keeping hazardous waste and valuable recyclable components at home

Although there has been a visible improvement, more than half of Hungarians still store their old, unused mobile phones at home, according to the latest representative national survey by Yettel. The millions of mobile handsets lying around in drawers contain lots of valuable materials that could be reused, while their batteries can become a fire hazard over the years. A used mobile phone can now be worth up to HUF 30,000 at Yettel.


What is a like for one, may be an insult for another – online chatting etiquette

Results of first Hungarian emoji survey published

Emojis are used by nearly every Hungarian internet user, yet three out of four have already encountered emojis with an unclear meaning, according to a recent nationwide representative survey. Based on the results, different generations often attribute different meanings to emojis. Is a smiley emoji a nice or a negative response? What do a red flag, a clown or a peach mean? Read on to find out the reasons behind the differences in emoji use.