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Use your mobile phone anywhere in the EU
Within the EU and other countries in tariff zone 1, your mobile fees are normally the same as your domestic fees.
The minute, SMS and airtime credit quotas available for use outside the Yettel network are also available in the EU. Once a quota is exhausted, or in the absence of a quota, the rates of the tariff package applicable to other mobile networks outside the network are applied.
The quotas only available within the Yettel network continue to be only available within Hungary.
Find out more: EU roaming policy and changes.

Pay as you go data packs

3 GB Mobilnet
2190 HUF/order

3 GB domestic & EU data

Text the activation code 3GB to 1744!
Buy Buy Text the activation code 3GB to 1744!
15 GB Mobilnet
3990 HUF/order

15 GB domestic data (11.7 GB EU data included)

Text the activation code 15GB to 1744!
Buy Buy Text the activation code 15GB to 1744!
Korlátlan Mobilnet
8490 HUF/order

Unlimted domestic data (24.8 GB in the EU)
Only with Yettel XS, S Net, S Talk, M Talk, Prime, Prime Plus, Prime Max tariffs

Text the activation code Korlátlan to 1744!
Buy Buy Text the activation code Korlátlan to 1744!

World Net Data Tickets

World Net 1 GB (3 days)
3990 HUF/order

1 GB in the countries of the roaming tariff zone 2.
Validity: 3 days

Text the activation code VNET3NAP to 1744!
Buy Buy Text the activation code VNET3NAP to 1744!
World Net 3 GB (7 days)
9990 HUF/order

3 GB  in the countries of the roaming tariff zone 2.
Validty: 7 days

Text the activation code VNET7NAP to 1744!
Buy Buy Text the activation code VNET7NAP to 1744!
World Net 250 MB (daily ticket)
2490 HUF/daily data quantity

250 MB in the countries of the roaming tariff zone 2.
Validity: until 24:00 on the day of first data usage (Budapest time zone GMT+1)

Buy Buy Text the activation code VNETNAPI to 1744!

What is roaming?

When you travel abroad and connect to the mobile network of another country to use your phone, you are using a roaming service.
What does not constitute roaming? Phone calls from Hungary to outside the country, to the EU or to any other country constitute international calls and are subject to different rates and terms. Visit this page to see the rates for international calls.

Don't worry about costs!

We give you lots of help to use your mobile safely when abroad:

Continuous monitoring of your costs

You can check your current balance, your data use and your remaining monthly quota on the Yettel online customer service page and in the Yettel mobile app available for download free of charge. You can easily buy additional data tickets

Receiving precise information on rates in advance

When you leave Hungary and connect to a foreign mobile network, you receive a welcome SMS that includes the minute, SMS and data rates applicable to that network.

SMS alerts for data use

You will receive an SMS messages once you have started using data traffic and once you have used 80% and 100% of your quota, respectively. If you need more data, you can easily buy one of the additional data tickets below via SMS.


Manage your affairs simply and easily even when you’re abroad!

Yettel online customer service


Yettel mobile application



Call Centre

Standard rate number available from outside Hungary::

+36 20 200 0000

Automatic information hotline available free of charge from outside Hungary while roaming: +36 20 333 3333

Frequently asked questions and useful information

  • You should save your phone numbers in your phone in the international format, i.e. use the +36 international prefix instead of 06
  • Receiving a call abroad is free of charge in the EU and in other countries in tariff zone 1 as long as the rules for fair use are complied with. In tariff zones 2, 3 and 4 the callee is also charged for roaming calls received
  • Unless you provide otherwise, voice and data roaming services are automatically available to you outside Hungary as well (with the exception of tariff zone 4)
  • Use of the roaming service in tariff zone 4 (Satellite and Maritime Roaming, e.g. for ocean cruises) is subject to registration, which is free of charge. More information
  • When you are close to the border and would like to prevent your mobile from accidentally switching to a foreign network, change the setting on your phone from Find network automatically to Manual network selection
  • Some background applications and updates on smartphones may automatically generate data traffic also when you are abroad
  • Primarily for roaming tariff zones 2, 3 and 4, you have several options to avoid unexpected costs: On your phone you can disable Data roaming/Data connection to prevent your phone from accessing the Internet while abroad; you can temporarily change the default setting for LTE network to the 2G/3G network to avoid even minimum background data traffic; or you can buy a data roaming service package to safely use email and the Internet also when abroad.

We provide the Magas forgalmi limit (High traffic limit) and Netroaming-figyelő (Netroaming Monitor) services to protect our customers from overspending.
 If you already know that you will make many phone calls or use the Internet a lot when you are abroad, please contact our customer hotline or visit any Yettel store before you leave the country to discuss the limits set for your subscription.Unless you provide otherwise, the Netroaming Monitor service is automatically provided to you.
The High traffic limit service also sends you an SMS notification when you are abroad and have exhausted 80% and 100% of your quota, respectively. Once you reach the limit, your outgoing calls will be limited (within Hungary) or both your outgoing and incoming calls will be limited (when abroad) preventing further overspending.

To prevent abuse or misuse, Yettel applies the following fair use conditions to the use of voice and messaging (SMS, MMS) services and to data services within the EU and in the other countries in tariff zone 1:
The Regulated European roaming tariff applies to Subscribers habitually residing in Hungary and temporarily travelling to roaming tariff zone 1. In this respect, Yettel checks each subscription for fulfilment of the following two criteria over the preceding 4 months regarding the use of the relevant mobile phone:
1) Residency criterion: the subscriber is considered to be habitually residing in Hungary if the call number was mostly (in more than 50%) was used in Hungary in the 4 months preceding the date of the check.
2) Traffic criterion: the aggregate volume of voice, SMS, MMS and mobile Internet traffic in Hungary and in roaming zones 2 and 3 must exceed the volume of voice, SMS, MMS and mobile Internet traffic in roaming zone 1.
If either of these criteria are not met, a surcharge may be charged for the relevant type of traffic of the subscription (voice calls made, calls received, SMS, MMS, mobile Internet) while roaming within the EU and in other countries in roaming tariff zone 1. More information

What is an alternative roaming operator?
All of our customers may buy roaming services from another operator by keeping their Hungarian subscription and SIM card and simply using a foreign service (within the EU) from another operator
For the time being, the option to choose an alternative roaming operator only exists in theory as Yettel does not yet have a contract with an alternative roaming operator

What do I need to do to use an alternative roaming service (in the future)?
The selected alternative roaming operator must be contacted directly, and our customer can indicate their wish to do that at any time. It might be necessary to sign a contract before leaving the country. Neither operator may charge a fee for the administrative services related to switching to another roaming operator

How long does the switch to another operator take?
Once the contract is signed, the switch is implemented within one business day

Can I keep my alternative roaming operator if I switch to a different domestic operator?
If you switch to another domestic operator (with or without number porting), the new domestic operator has no obligation to support the roaming services supported by the alternative roaming operator.

For roaming within the EU and in countries of roaming tariff zone 1, a surcharge is charged if:

the terms for fair use are not met, or   the volume of data traffic exceeds the data quota included in the relevant tariff package or the supplementary data services available for use within the EU.
Surcharges as of 1 July 2022 (gross):

voice calls made: HUF 14.73 per minute
voice calls received: HUF 4.97 per minute
SMS sending HUF 4.61 per SMS 
MMS sending HUF 9.21 per MMS
data traffic: HUF 0.93/MB