Hungarians want a quality mobile phone at a discounted price

HONOR X7a is now available for HUF 0 in Yettel’s promotion

At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, many vendors presented new handsets, with a clear trend towards a strengthening mid-range segment, alongside the announcement of high-end handset models. According to Yettel data, the majority of Hungarian mobile users also prefer mid-range value phones and specifically look for promotions. In its upcoming promotion, the operator is offering HONOR X7a handsets for HUF 0 to enable customers to share reliable network experience with each other.

With the mobile industry evolving, even mid-range devices are now offering features that were only available in the premium segment a few years ago (such as a high-resolution camera and long battery life), making innovations available to an ever wider range of consumers.
According to Yettel’s data, the majority of customers are also looking for such handsets, and use special offers. Handsets available with an upfront payment of HUF 0 are especially popular with the operator’s customers. Besides mid-range models, there is still strong interest in vendors’ high-end handsets, and customers prefer to pay for these higher-priced models in monthly instalments rather than in one lump sum. This way, the price of the handset is included in their monthly invoices. When choosing a new handset, brand loyalty is a key factor, and the display, battery life and camera features are the most important considerations, alongside price.

Yettel’s upcoming promotion is focused on HONOR X7a, a handset with a long battery life, low power consumption and high performance featuring a 6.74-inch HONOR FullView display for a more enjoyable, cinema-like experience, and a quad camera for sharp, stunning photos.
The promotion running between 23 March and 3 May is open to consumers with a public Yettel postpaid voice subscription of at least 6 months who sign a contract for a family member or friend to one of the operator’s new consumer public voice tariffs (except for the Yettel XS+ plan) on the same customer number.

The operator’s recently renewed postpaid plans offer more data and calls than ever before. The new Prime+ tariffs including unlimited domestic data now provide download and upload speeds without a speed limit, and they also have an EU data allowance larger than before. The Yettel+ plans offer more mobile data (5, 25 and 50 GB) which can be used in full for EU roaming.
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