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Find your balance with Yettel tariffs

Are you visiting Hungary for a few days or becoming a student for a semester? Whatever, pay as you go with our tariffs that made for you to maximize fun and adventure for a great price!


How long is your stay?


Do you want to use Yettel while you are in Hungary?

As a foreigner, you can purchase only in person. So here are some city center located shops for you:


Next to 100 E airport shuttle bus stop
Find here

Westend City Center

Next to Nyugati railway station
Find here

Corvin Mall

Next to " Corvin-negyed" tram stop
Find here

Are you staying in another Hungarian city? Find the nearest store to you!

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What to bring with you:
For prepaid contract: Passport, ID or driving license
For postpaid contract: Your ID, passport or driving license AND residence permit or establishment permit

*In case of non-European Economic Area citizens, ID or driving license are not sufficient, passport is needed.

I'm here just for a short visit!

If you stay only for a few days or a week, our prepaid plans are suitable for you. After you top up your balance, you can use that up for voice calls (25 HUF/minute), for SMSs (25 HUF/SMS) and for add-ons. Please note, that with data tickets only data is purchased, the price of data tickets cannot be used up for voice calls. All our prepaid offers are non-loyalty.

How to use:

First choose a prepaid card for 490 HUF
Prepaid cards are without a start-up balance!

Then top up your balance 

 1 500 HUF  validity 90 days

3 000 HUF validity 365 days

5 000 HUF validity 365 days

10 000 HUF validity 365 days

15 000 HUF validity 365 days

And finally, choose an upload option
here are our popular data add-ons:

Unlimited daily dataticket for 1 000 HUF
Unlimited data within Hungary 
EU roaming: 3,4GB 
Unlimited data ticket 5 days for 2 200 HUF Unlimited data within Hungary
EU roaming: 7,3 GB
3 GB data for 30 days recurring 2500 HUF 
Data volume included is available within Hungary and the EU 
10 GB data for 30 days recurring 5000 HUF 
Data volume included is available within Hungary and the EU

Learn more about prepaid plans and choose additional data ticket if you need more data.


Balance top-up

Don’t forget to top up your balance to use the service.

I'm here for a while!

If you are staying for 3-4 months or even for a year, we have suitable tariffs to make sure you enjoy all that Hungary has to offer.

Prime tariffs


Prime tariffs with unlimited domestic data

The new Prime tariff packages have arrived and include unlimited domestic data and 250 minutes of voice call for 11 990 HUF/ month with 11 months loyalty. The world is your oyster - nothing can stop you anymore from sharing or downloading anything or everything. On top of that, when you choose the Prime package, extra services await, including more device discounts, more exclusive offers and more care. 

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You don’t like constraints but want to enjoy the benefits of subscription packages? Yettel Prime tariff is also available as a non-loyalty offer for 13 490 HUF/month.

YES! tarifák

If you're under 26

Good news! If you haven’t yet passed the age of 26, you can use our Yettel Prime YES! and Yettel S Net YES! tariff packages with a significant discount. We’ve focused on making more data available to you in both packages, but we’ll be happy to leave the fine-tuning up to you. Which one will you pick?

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Legyél Prime előfizető


Planning on getting comfy for a while? Choose Yettel portable Internet!

Portable wifi at home or wherever you want it. Select your Portable Internet plan and portable wifi router or tablet, and enjoy the benefits of portable internet anywhere. Same quality as your home Internet, wireless, and freely usable anywhere.

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Further information for Prepaid offers:
Subscriptions can be concluded at stores in person with valid passport documents. 3 GB data ticket is a recurring data ticket for HUF 2500/30days. 10 GB data ticket is a recurring data ticket for HUF 5000/30days. Offers are valid until withdrawal. The recurring service means that the service will be automatically renewed after he expiration of a 30-day period. The service fee will be deducted from the available balance. Packages are available with the Yettel Feltöltőkártyás prepaid SIM. Upon exceeding the voice call quotas included in the packages, the same HUF 25 /minute fee for calls and HUF 25/SMS fee for text messaging will apply in the EU as well as in Hungary. Yettel Feltöltőkártyás packages do not include a start-up balance. The above-mentioned minute and mobile internet data quotas apply within Hungary and countries within roaming tariff zone 1. Unused data/voice quotas cannot be carried over to the next service cycle.

Further information for Postpaid offers:
Residence permits, domestic address and valid passport documents are required for contracts and can be concluded in person. Offers are valid until withdrawal. In the Yettel Prime package unlimited data-quota can be used on all domestic networks, out of which, however, maximum 32,1 GB applies in Roaming Tariff Zone 1. Loyalty offers have an 11-month loyalty period. The minute fee for calls exceeding the call quota included in the tariff package is: 40 HUF/min. The SMS fee is 40 HUF/SMS. Our e-Comfort package is available when making a purchase, by selecting the E-bill invoicing method. In order to keep the package, you must settle your invoice by the payment deadline indicated on it by using one of the following payment methods: bank transfer, direct debit, online (e.g. via, or the Yettel app or Yettel Wallet mobile applications), using a bank card suitable for making online purchases, or via an ATM. Insofar as the above-listed terms are not met, your next monthly invoice will include a 1 000 HUF fee for non-compliance with the terms of the package for Yettel Prime postpaid tariff. The discounted YES! optional offer for the Yettel Prime tariff package is available for individual subscribers with residence permit above the age of 18 and under the age of 26, until withdrawal. The discounted monthly fee is valid for 12 months from the date of order. After 12 months, if the conditions are met (a person under the age of 26, yet no less than 18 years of age), the discount can be renewed.

Residence permits and valid passport documents are required for contracts which can be purchased in person.
The night quota can be used from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. You can buy additional data tickets for your Yettel Hordozható Internet 75 package. 75 GB of mobile data is valid in Hungary, including 20.5 GB for Roaming Tariff Zone 1. The night quota is 75 GB. The quality of service can differ based on location. For more information on service coverage, contact our salesmen. After exceeding the data traffic limit included in the package,
no data traffic is possible, download and upload.