Here they are: artificial intelligence and 3D printing in education

New collaborative teaching materials developed in ProSuli’s curriculum development competition to help teachers acquire the use of forward-looking technologies

Classroom teaching is made more enjoyable for students and often easier for teachers when digital teaching methods are used. It’s equally important for teachers to keep up with the technologies that young people are really interested in and that could open up new horizons in education. This was the spirit behind the recently concluded community curriculum development competition of Yettel’s ProSuli digital education program.

he jury selected eight winners in the ProSuli competition. The best entries include methods that support modern education and fun learning, such as ChatGPT, artificial intelligence and 3D printing.

From teachers to teachers

In 2020, ProSuli launched its first curriculum development competition to enable frontrunners, i.e. teachers who are pioneers in using new digital teaching solutions and already have experience to create teaching materials, to support their colleagues in a specific subject area. In this year’s competition, the expert jury selected the best twenty teaching materials for implementation with eight of the entries being awarded special prizes. In addition, the ProSuli program supported participants with one year of mobile internet access and a free professional training course on creating videos. The eight teachers who won special prizes also received a cash prize of HUF 100,000 each.
The entries include experiential solutions such as how ChatGPT can support foreign language classes, how to prepare for your history final using AI or how to use 3D printing in science education.

Similarly to the winning entries from previous years, the teaching materials are available free of charge to anyone on the Webuni platform. This year, five ProSuli Ambassador teachers joined the professional jury who will provide on-site professional assistance and methodology support to their colleagues in nearly 160 schools across the country from September 2023.

“The jury did not have an easy job when selecting the entries. We considered two main aspects: the content of the teaching material and the way it is delivered, and we ended up with a list of winning teaching materials, all of which will help any interested teacher learn how to make the learning and teaching process more effective and interesting through the use of collaborative teaching materials. We trust that the materials will motivate and inspire many teachers to engage in experiential education ,” said Balázs Koren, head of the ProSuli program.

The winning teaching materials of the competition in 2023:
•    Digital storytelling in a new guise
•    How to elaborate on a topic in a foreign language class using ChatGPT
•    ClassDojo – Motivation enhancement through points and virtual cards
•    The magic formula for pricing steps
•    Prepare for your history final exam using AI
•    Using 3D printing in science education – Designing a story cube using Tinkercad and Pixabay
•    MS + AI
•    Outside the classroom with the seppo app