94% of people still watch TV on a TV set, but mobile is the device for live broadcasts

The operator shares 1 year experience of the Yettel TV service

With the advent of stable, high-speed internet and streaming providers, many predicted the demise of traditional, so-called linear TV services. A year ago, on 14 February, Yettel Hungary launched the pilot of its TV service and soon made it widely available. Yettel TV now offers customers up to 98 channels. The conclusion of one year of service experience is that traditional TV is alive and kicking.

Known primarily as a mobile operator, Yettel has been steadily expanding its range of home services in recent years, aiming to offer the flexibility of mobile networks and the stability of fixed-line internet. The traditional Yettel TV service, with up to 98 channels, was launched after the OtthonNet service and has been providing a full range of home services to millions of households across the country for the past year.

A year of experience

The experience shared on the service’s first anniversary shows that although Yettel TV is available on TV sets, computers and smart devices alike, 94% of subscribers use the service mainly on the big screen, i.e., a traditional TV set. More than half of subscribers (55%) watch TV on one device, while 33% use two devices (such as a laptop or a smart device in addition to their TV set).

87% of customers surveyed rate the service as excellent or good, with ease of use, ease of set-up, picture quality, usability, stability and speed being the most positive aspects. 54% of subscribers are male and 46% female, with the majority aged between 25 and 49. 42% of Yettel TV viewers are families with children, 27% are couples without children. In the survey, 64% of respondents already had a TV subscription when they chose Yettel TV, but 58% of this group have already cancelled and 20% plan to cancel their old subscription. 22% of customers have heard about the service from friends, acquaintances and family. On Yettel TV, the programs can be recorded and watched later. Based on the usage data available, ~12% of subscribers watch recorded live programs.

“We can see that our customers watch TV mainly on the big screen, they regularly use the digital features offered by Yettel TV, they record and catch-up content and they also love the app, which is available on mobile and on several smart TVs. We are delighted with the positive feedback and will continue to improve the service. We are working hard to prepare for the year’s major sporting events including the Olympics,” said Olga Szafonov, Director of Consumer Segment at Yettel Hungary.