370 million gigabytes – the first year of the Yettel brand

Brand celebrates its 1st anniversary

On 1 March 2022, the Yettel brand was launched simultaneously in three countries – Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia. In Hungary, Yettel’s brand awareness reached the level of its predecessor already by September 2022[1]. In the first year, the mobile network had more than 370 million gigabytes of data traffic, and customers made nearly six billion minutes of voice calls and sent more than one billion SMS messages. In line with changing customer needs, the operator will introduce new postpaid tariffs from 2 March.

Events in Yettel’s first year that have the potential to shape customers’ lives in the long run include tens of billions of HUF invested in network modernisation, the launch of TV and home services, eSIM for all and nearly 100 company-owned stores. The name Yettel quickly gained recognition, coming close to the former brand in just two months, by May 2022, and reaching its level in September.

Growing network traffic and customer needs

During the first year of the Yettel brand, the mobile network had more than 370 million gigabytes of data traffic. The least measured monthly traffic was 40% higher than in April 2022. During the year, the operator’s customers initiatied nearly six billion minutes of voice calls and sent more than one billion SMS messages. Yettel has embarked on a large-scale network modernisation project worth tens of billions of HUF, which will both support the gradual roll-out of 5G and enhance the capacity of the 4G network to 2-3 times its previous level, now providing a coverage of over 99% of Hungary’s population. The developments also significantly increased the coverage of the narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M networks supporting machine-to-machine communication and business applications. Network modernisation will soon make WiFi-based voice calls (VoWiFi) and VoLTE-based voice calls available to foreign customers visiting Hungary, which will remarkably reduce network load during popular mass events and festivals.

New postpaid tariff portfolio

From 2 March, Yettel will renew its postpaid tariffs in line with changing customer needs. The new Prime+ tariffs including unlimited domestic data now offer download and upload speeds with no speed cap, and they also have an EU data allowance larger than before. These tariffs are available to customers signing an 11-month contract without buying a new handset at a monthly fee starting from HUF 11,990. The largest tariff, Yettel Prime Max+, includes full unlimited data, voice and SMS in Hungary and the EU, as well as the NetPajzs service free of charge. Prime+ tariffs also come with a number of benefits, such as more handset services and exclusive offers, i.e. handsets available for HUF 0 or with an upfront payment of HUF 0.
The Yettel+ plans offer more mobile data than before (5, 25 and 50 GB) which can be used in full for EU roaming. Unlimited national calls are available for HUF 8,490 per month in the Yettel S Talk+ plan, with an 11-month contract without a handset. The operator’s complementary data tickets are also renewed and include more data than before: 5, 20 and 50 GB and unlimited domestic data tickets are now available on a one-off or a recurring monthly basis.

More information: www.yettel.hu

[1] Spontaneous brand awareness, where respondents are asked to name telecom operators without assistance.