Our services

By using the opportunities of mobile communication, Yettel is committed to offer products and services to its customers, making communication easier and contributing sustainable development by the innovative nature and the moderate negative social and environmental effects. 
We believe that mobile communication can be the catalyzer of economy and the important component of social development at the same time.

Our company is providing mobile voice and data-based services. While earlier the significant components of „mobile service” were voice and SMS services, solutions providing mobile data-traffic are gaining more and more space nowadays. We provide internet through a variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones or mobile internet which is available on computers and laptops. 

Our packages and offers are often accompanied by discounted mobile devices that include devices for the most basic needs and smartphones, tablets, laptops in the meantime. 

Mobile internet is faster than ever and offers the experience of freedom for our subscribers. Continuous online relationship has more and more important role in the lives of our customers. Information can be found on internet is available with our services almost everywhere and anytime. For providing the best and fastest mobile-internet access for our customers, we are developing our infrastructure continuously.