Young people aged 13-19 are encouraged to read and create in a joint competition announced by Yettel and Bookline

Participants making a film out of their favourite summer book can win valuable prizes

Yettel and Bookline have announced a creative competition titled “From Book to Film” (Betűből képkocka). Under the competition, young people aged 13-19 are encouraged to make a film based on a book they’ve read this summer. The entries to be submitted by 18 September will be evaluated by a professional jury. Winners will be granted valuable prizes that will encourage them to create even more inspiring content. The films shortlisted for the competition will be shown at Cinemira International Children’s and Youth Film Festival.

The From Book to Film competition aims to help young people in the 13 to 19 age group to find the balance between high-quality offline and digital leisure activities. They are encouraged by the competition to read non-digital content, consume offline culture and develop cultural content using digital devices as complementary pursuits. Participants can submit a trailer, a clip, a short film based on a scene of a book or any self-made film inspired by a book without any restriction of genre or style at a length of up to 1.5 minutes.

The film competition announced by Yettel and Bookline is linked to the Cinemira International Children’s and Youth Film Festival established several years ago. The festival provides a high-quality professional setting for the competition. Members of the jury evaluating entries include Éva Magyarósi, animation film director, Gergely Szirmai, film critic and video blogger, Peti Puskás, singer, actor, television host, Jázmin Hollósi, online content developer, student of media design at MOME university and Benedek Lampert, photographer. Besides the prestigious professional recognition, prizes include a tablet suitable for film editing, 1-year mobile internet access and a mobile router, a selection of books worth HUF 50,000 and the possibility to attend the shooting of a commercial.

“Striking a healthy balance between digital devices and offline methods has been the focus of our digital education program launched many years ago. This summer, we sought to create a new program focused on the same healthy balance. This is how the idea of the From Book to Film competition emerged to promote culture and reading and encourage young people to get engaged and create. We want to help them spend their free time in an exciting way and use their smartphones for a meaningful purpose also during the summer”, said Attila Mészáros, Corporate Communications Director of Yettel.

The partnership between Bookline and Yettel and the new competition were also praised by Cintia Gál, Brand Manager of Bookline: “Reading contributes to children’s development through enhancing their thinking, vocabulary, creativity and mental health. For this reason, we at Bookline pay special attention to initiatives such as the From Book to Film competition that make both parents and children aware of the importance of reading and creation.”

For more details about the From Book to Film (Betűből képkocka) competition please click here.