Yettel’s new service makes small and medium-sized enterprises more flexible

The task determines where you work – not the cable

As a result of a development program worth tens of billions of HUF, Yettel’s network is now mature enough to provide wireless office internet services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to the increased capacity of 4G technology and the rapid expansion of 5G coverage, companies can now use the operator’s office internet service anywhere in the country besides their premises. 

The office is where the internet is

The IrodaNet service for small and medium-sized enterprises responds to genuine user needs. It overcomes the limitations of fixed-line internet solutions by offering fully mobile internet-based portable devices. Built on nationwide 4G and increasingly available 5G coverage and a stable, reliable network, the IrodaNet plan provides unlimited internet access for multiple employees through a single router, with the flexibility to work from anywhere after a quick and easy installation process. When the “Anywhere Mode” is activated free of charge with the new IrodaNet tariff, employees can use the company office router anywhere in the country for ten days a month, offering remarkable flexibility compared to fixed-line internet solutions. These ten days per month can optionally be extended by two times ten days per month in “Anywhere Mode” for a small fee.

“Based on our experience to date, our solutions have appealed most to businesses that want to test the innovation of accessing the office internet via mobile technology. These companies were attracted by wireless technology and the easier installation of the service compared to the fixed-line option, as they wanted to avoid the drilling, installation challenges and other difficulties associated with wiring. From now on, IrodaNet will also be of interest to those who collaborate with their colleagues in different locations, as they can take the unlimited office internet with them anywhere in the country. All they need is a power source to set it up and they can continue their online work where they left off in the office,” said Gábor Fülöp, Yettel’s Business Sales and Marketing Director.

Beyond portability: unlimited, easy installation, 3 months free trial, 5G

Last year’s launch and further development of the 5G-based IrodaNet Pro was preceded by Yettel’s multi-year modernisation project implemented from a total investment budget of tens of billions of HUF. Providing coverage for over 99.5% of the population, the capacity of 4G technology has nearly tripled since 2021, while the coverage of 5G, offering up to 5-8 times faster download speeds, has grown dynamically on Yettel’s network. The results are also confirmed by the company’s customer satisfaction survey. With the IrodaNet service, users can enjoy a reliable, high-quality network experience even when working in different offices.

The former IrodaNet and IrodaNet Pro plans will be replaced by the new IrodaNet option, which combines the benefits of the two previous plans. With the new service, the operator will offer a 5G router to all small and medium-sized enterprises regardless of their tariff plan, thus automatically providing 5G access in the 5G coverage area. The 5G router available with the new plan does not require any specialist assistance to set up. It can be installed within minutes of the purchase without any prior training. Yettel will help you choose the best place for your router with instructions, a tutorial video and an online interface to measure signal strength, if necessary.

If the company’s premises are located outside an area with reliable coverage, typically in rural or unpopulated areas, the operator also offers an alternative solution. The simplified IrodaNet Basic plan offers speeds of up to 50 Mbps on the 4G network, with the benefits of an easy-to-install device and unlimited internet.

The services can be used without a commitment period, but both require a device rental contract for 12 or 24 months. The services come with a 3-month trial period, so you can try them free of charge in the first 3 months and cancel within 30 days without penalty.

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