Yettel’s new mobile business tariffs offer significant savings by the end of the year

Yettel has fixed the net monthly fee of new business tariffs, including that of the largest tariff plans, at a price point of HUF 2022 until the end of the year. In addition, it offers a number of benefits, typically for SMBs, such as handset discounts of up to HUF 95,000 per subscription, international EU calls available in tariffs by default or priority customer service for Prime tariff-holders.

Recently, Yettel has renewed its business tariff offering to meet the current needs of business customers, adding the “Prime” option to offers tailored to SMB needs. One of them is the Yettel Business Prime Max tariff plan offering unlimited voice, data and SMS within Hungary and unlimited international calls within the EU. The common feature of the business tariffs, including the smaller plans, is that they provide significant discounts on the purchase of handsets – starting from HUF 45,000 for the smallest tariff plan. These discounts can be bundled per subscription, meaning that a business can bundle discounts after several subscriptions and redeem them for a single higher-priced handset, further reducing the price. Likewise, in addition to the EU roaming allowance, all business tariffs include an EU international call allowance by default, which can provide up to 75 minutes of unlimited international calls within the EU, depending on the size of the tariff.

A further significant discount is available until the end of the year. For any newly ordered public business tariff, the operator has fixed the monthly fee at HUF 2022, between the contract date and 31 December 2022, for customers signing a 2-year contract. Another advantage is that business subscriptions can be purchased without having to buy a handset.

“We have promotions on a regular basis, but now, due to the known economic circumstances, we want to support small and medium sized enterprises more than usual, which is why we decided to offer them such a large discount for such a long period. To support their business, we also provide them with a mobile network considered to be excellent even on a European scale,” said Gábor Fülöp, Yettel’s Business Sales and Marketing Director.