Yettel’s mobile traffic nearly doubled over the festive period compared to last year

Data traffic was up by 89% compared to the previous year’s winter holidays, while New Year's Eve SMS traffic increased by 8%

The growing adoption of unlimited data plans and home internet solutions contributed to a significant 89% increase in mobile internet traffic on Yettel’s network this year compared to last year over the festive period between 24 December and 1 January. The operator’s customers sent 8% more text messages on New Year’s Eve than at the same time the year before.

Voice calls, mobile internet and SMS

Yettel customers made the most voice calls on 24 December this year, but the longest calls were made on 25 December. The average length of Christmas calls increased by 5% overall compared to the previous year.

In terms of data traffic over the entire festive period, 26 December and 1 January were the two busiest days, with data volumes up 89% over the same period last year amounting to nearly 20 million gigabytes of traffic. This year’s results, which exceeded the typical annual traffic growth of 30%, may also have been driven by the increasing availability of unlimited data mobile tariffs and the popularity of Yettel’s home services, including mobile internet-based OtthonNet and Yettel TV, launched this year.

Although many Yettel customers sent text messages to each other on New Year’s Eve, and SMS traffic was 8% higher this year than on the same day last year, total SMS traffic among Yettel customers decreased by 5% over the entire festive period.

Yettel Hungary is in the midst of a tens of billions of HUF network modernisation project, which has not only significantly increased the capacity of the nationwide 4G network, but has also paved the way for 5G developments and new mobile-based communication solutions.