Yettel’s latest campaign is all about the sunny side of technology – we’ve never had so many opportunities to get closer together

With its new platform, the brand aims to help find answers to society’s technology-related dilemmas.

“The last decade has seen an explosion in mobile technology, bringing with it a wealth of new opportunities and a number of concerns. What we see from the research is that regardless of age, social status, or even the relationship with technology, everyone has this ambivalence, just on different issues. In the age of unlimited internet, where are the boundaries I can cling to? I want everything to be personalised, but what about my data? Am I spending too much time on TikTok? Do children have unlimited access to knowledge or do they face unlimited threats online?”, says Olga Bölöni, Yettel’s acting Brand and Marketing Communications Director, about Yettel’s new communication strategy. “We may not always have the answers, but it’s important that as a true partner we are always ready to start a dialogue even on the most divisive topics. This is what our new platform is about”.

Yettel announced a regional tender for the idea of the platform, in which creative agencies from four countries participated and the idea submitted by Artificial Group was announced as the winner. “This tender was a new challenge for us, as it allowed us to test our creativity against foreign agencies and gave us opportunities that we had never had before in the life of the agency. We have already developed international campaigns, but we have never had the opportunity to work on a project of this magnitude,” said Attila Haberland, Head of Creative Management at Artificial Group.

The platform will first launch a major campaign in Hungary and Bulgaria, focusing on the 5G network in Hungary.

Campaign objective
“Talking about 5G? It’s not an easy subject, because the network is like oxygen for people. We take its availability for granted, but if we do not have access to it, we immediately have negative emotions. We wanted to create positive feelings around technology and show the added value of the network,” says Ádám Major, Brand Communications Manager at Yettel, about the platform’s first campaign in Hungary.

The campaign will be launched at the end of February 2024 across TV, digital, social, retail and PR channels, and aims to make people more aware of technology. 

“In the new campaign, we’re showing the power of the 5G network by focusing on the human aspect. When planning the campaign, we looked at what people were talking about: what they were searching for on Google, what they were talking about on Reddit, what topics were being discussed on social platforms, and it became clear to us that we needed to focus on relationships. Then we worked with psychologists to create the main directions of the campaign,” says Szabina Mitter, Senior Brand Activation Manager at Yettel.

Creative concept
“With the rise of digitisation, people’s communication habits have changed dramatically over the last 10 years, while face-to-face interactions have decreased with the adoption of smartphones. We often prefer to communicate with our friends using a chat service and visit grandma via video chat. But this is not necessarily a problem if technology is used responsibly. This is exactly what we want to highlight with this campaign, where an image TVC, 3 mobile edits and additional digital and social content will help us to do so,” says Gergő Horváth, Creative Director of Artificial Group.

“The digital communication will feature content creators such as Istenest host Bence Istenes and Adrienn Csepelyi of WMN’s Popfilter podcast – with many familiar faces among the guests. Various Hungarian celebrities and experts will discuss topics close to their hearts, such as the role of the network between parents and children, in romantic relationships or in the lives of teenagers. Later, users will be able to take part in these conversations or find answers to their long unanswered questions,” says Nóra Judit Kovács, Head of Artificial Group’s creative group, about the digital leg of the campaign. 

The commercial spot for the campaign: