Yettel TV is launched – 2 million hours of TV watched during the pilot

In addition to national commercial channels, movie channels are also popular, children’s content is being recorded by many users
Following a successful open pilot, Yettel’s home TV service Yettel TV is now available with up to 93+3 channels on TV sets and mobile handsets. With its mobile home internet services and Yettel TV, the operator now offers a full range of home services to millions of households nationwide.

Millions of hours of free entertainment
Users have turned on Yettel TV more than 4.5 million times and have watched a total of 2.2 million hours of programs generating 5.9 million gigabytes of traffic so far. The service was introduced with an open pilot in mid-February, followed by a commercial launch and promotion. In the pilot, the vast majority of users started the service every day, with most time spent watching on weekday evenings, weekends and during popular sporting events.

Programs on Yettel TV’s select channels can be fast-forwarded and rewound, watched as a catch-up program for up to 7 days, and recorded for later viewing for up to 30 days. Based on the operator’s data, content consumption is dominated by linear TV viewing.  In the pilot, 88% of users watched Yettel TV programs live, while 12% watched recorded content. The list of most-watched channels is topped by the following Hungarian commercial channels and movie channels, in alphabetical order: Comedy Central, Cool, Film+, HBO2, M1, M4 Sport, Mozi+, RTL, Serial+, TV2.

On live TV, the most watched shows in the past week were Hungarian and US series, Hungarian game shows, realities, shows and news programs. Of recorded content, children’s content is highly popular with three out of ten recorded programs specifically targeting children last week.

On a TV set at home or on a mobile device while on the road

Yettel TV combines the best of cable TV and online streaming platforms. Its clear, intuitive interface provides users with thematic recommendations and a program guide. A major benefit of the service is that it can be watched on multiple platforms – at home, on the road or even at a holiday home. It connects to the home television set using Yettel’s Android TV-based TV Box, which allows users to ‘tune-in’ to compatible TVs to run apps, games and Google services. The service can be used on smartphones and tablets in the Yettel TV app, on computers via a web interface. Compatible smart TV apps are also being launched on an ongoing basis.
According to Yettel data, the vast majority of users (around 90%) used the service on a TV set during the pilot, followed by Android mobile, PC, iPhone and Android tablets.

Changing a plan at any time

With Yettel TV and home internet tariff plans, Yettel now offers a full range of home services to millions of households nationwide. Yettel TV is available in 3 plans with OtthonNet and OtthonNet Pro tariffs, or consumer postpaid voice tariffs for as little as HUF 2,000 per month. Users can change their plans at any time, even for the sake of a specific series or championship.

In addition to the most popular channels, Yettel TV S, M and L plans offer RTL+ Active and TV2 Play Premium streaming services. HBO Max can also be purchased as an addition. Yettel TV is available to customers purchasing new OtthonNet or OtthonNet Pro tariff plans and signing a 12-month contract for HUF 0 for 3 months. From 3 May, subscribers can also get HBO Max free for 3 months.

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