Yettel offers home internet service with even more flexibility and fewer cables

Operator introduces two major innovations and automatically includes a 5G router with the OtthonNet tariff

The average data traffic of Yettel’s home internet customers has almost doubled in a year, with 5G users leading the way. Offering even more customer-friendly new features, Yettel is taking its OtthonNet service to the next level to maximize the potentials of mobile technology, making it is now even easier and faster to set up and more flexible to use. The service is now available at 2.5 million addresses nationwide on Yettel’s best-ever network.

Yettel launched its mobile-based home service two years ago. The first tariff plans were based on fast 4G and later even faster 5G technologies, supported by the operator’s comprehensive network modernisation project. As a result, 5G technology has become available at more and more places and to more and more customers, and 4G capacity on the operator’s network has doubled or tripled. This also enabled the launch of Yettel TV earlier this year – completing Yettel’s home services offering – and OtthonNet is now available at 2.5 million addresses across the country.

According to Yettel data, the average data traffic of OtthonNet users has increased by 82% in one year, which is significantly higher than the average increase of 18 to 35% measured across Yettel’s entire mobile network in recent years. The highest amount of data per subscriber was consumed by customers using the 5G network at home, who were particularly satisfied with their browsing experience and the quality of service when watching streaming services and making video calls. This is all consistent with the fact that the benefits of higher bandwidth are better realised on 5G networks.

Easy to install – no specialist or drilling required

 Yettel is renewing its OtthonNet plans from 12 September to further enhance its home internet offering and provide additional benefits to users. Both the new OtthonNet Basic and OtthonNet plans include unlimited domestic data, and while the former comes with a 4G-enabled router, the new OtthonNet plan offers a 5G-enabled router as standard to all new subscribers. 

Another benefit of the new OtthonNet tariff plan is a faster installation process: customers will receive and can install their router immediately after purchase, without having to make an appointment or wait for a technician, and without any drilling or cabling in their home. All they have to do is plug the router in, find the right place for it in their home and they are ready to go. To help find the ideal location for the router, Yettel offers assistance in several ways including a description, an online video and a speed measurement app. 

Home internet – even outside the home

Thanks to mobile technology, the postal code-based OtthonNet tariff has also become more flexible: in addition to home use, customers can also use it at any other location in Hungary for a period of 10 days, i.e. take it with them on holiday or vacation. They can use this option once within 30 days at no extra cost and two additional times for a fee of HUF 2,000 per occasion, so they can use the service elsewhere for a whole month if they need to.
The OtthonNet tariff can now be purchased for HUF 0 per month for 3 months, even with Yettel TV, so you can try out the full Yettel home service package.

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