Yettel makes eSIM available to all

In addition to medium-sized and large enterprises, now Yettel consumers and small-business customers can also get a virtual SIM card. Using eSIM enables the full elimination of plastic waste generated by traditional SIM cards in the long run, it makes mobile phone use more convenient and provides direct internet access also to other devices. The latter is supported by a new consumer tariff plan designed specifically for smart watches.

The features of a new-generation eSIM surpass those of a traditional SIM card. Its benefits include the elimination of inconveniences caused by the misalignment of or damage to a physical card. It also makes handset replacement easier, and the SIM profile can be easily relocated using QR codes. An eSIM cannot be removed from the phone even if it is stolen, which means that its exact location can be easily identified. Its use also reduces plastic consumption and the volume of electronic waste.

eSIM is basically a chip integrated into the handset which means that users don’t have to install a traditional SIM card. Operator data can be downloaded to the eSIM using an activation (QR) code usually through the settings of the handset which requires internet access. This way, eSIM-capable devices including mobile phones, tablets and smart accessories such as smart watches can be easily put in use. eSIM can add mobile internet access to many devices without a traditional SIM card slot (including most mobile network-enabled smart watches and accessories) or devices that couldn’t accommodate a physical SIM before.

At Yettel, eSIM is now available with any voice and mobile internet tariff plan both for new subscribers and those wishing to replace their existing physical SIM card free of charge.

The operator has also launched a new consumer tariff plan for eSIM-enabled smart watches. Using the Yettel Okosóra tariff plan, customers can stay connected also without their smartphone initiating and receiving calls and listening to music on their smart watch. The tariff plan currently available for Samsung smart watches includes 1GB of data and it has a gross monthly fee of HUF 990 without commitment and with an e-Komfort package. The minute rate of calls in Hungary and roaming zone 1 and the SMS rate is HUF 40.
More information about the service and its activation: