Yettel makes 5G-based office internet available to Hungarian SMBs

5G-based IrodaNet Pro can be easily installed in any office, retail outlet or workshop

Yettel is taking another significant step to promote the widespread adoption of 5G technology revolutionising networks. Hungarian SMBs can use its new service similar to and capable of replacing traditional fixed-line internet under the name IrodaNet Pro. This new use case of 5G justifies the company’s previous network development investments worth several tens of billions of HUF across Hungary.

The IrodaNet Pro service tailored to SMB needs provides unlimited data through a Wi-Fi router connected to the 5G mobile network offering with a download speed of 1,000 Mbit/s[1] available only on fixed-line networks before. The primary target group of this service are businesses requiring fast internet access for several devices but wishing to avoid the installation complexities of fixed-line internet.

“Before the launch of 5G, the benefits of the new technology were rather vague for many people. Now we have at least one product line in the market making the benefits of 5G tangible. More and more people enjoy these benefits, higher speed in particular, on their mobile phone, but fixed wireless access solutions, that is, 5G-based home and office internet are the first services enabled by the real-life availability of 5G”, said Gábor Fülöp, Business Sales and Marketing Director of Yettel Hungary.

Under a running promotion, Yettel offers all of its three SMB services (the 5G-based IrodaNet Pro, the fixed optical network-based IrodaNet 300/1000 and the portable Kisvállalati Internet 500+500 GB which uses a mobile Wi-Fi router) without a monthly fee and no commitment to customers signing a 24-month contract.

[1] The download speed of up to 1,000 Mbit/s is available in areas with an appropriate reception and 5G coverage using a ZTE MC7010 outdoor modem and a computer featuring a 2.5 GbE LAN interface connected to the internal power supply unit of the modem through a CAT6 UTP cable.