Yettel launches new home TV service

Yettel is launching a new home TV service, offering customers a full range of home solutions, including home internet. The Yettel TV service for home use will be launched from 14 February with an open trial period. Customers of the operator can try the service for HUF 0 per month for 3 months in packages offering up to 93+3 television channels, if they subscribe to OtthonNet or OtthonNet Pro tariff plans.

Known primarily as a mobile operator, Yettel has steadily expanded its range of home solutions in recent years. Although based on a mobile network, these solutions leverage technology innovations to compete with traditional fixed-line home services whose installation usually requires a lot of drilling. Following OtthonNet services available nationwide, the new Yettel TV service provides a forward looking big-screen TV experience taking the full range of home services to millions of households accross Hungary.

“The launch of Yettel TV is another milestone in our long-term mobile-centric strategy, made possible by our network modernisation process started two years ago with an investment of tens of billions of HUF. In addition to increasing the capacity of 4G technology, we are continuously expanding the availability of 5G technology which will enable us to fully serve the digital needs of consumers providing them with an outstanding customer experience both for home internet access and home television services”, said Peter Gažik, CEO of Yettel Hungary.

Yettel elevates home TV to a new level

With a completely new technical background, a new user interface and packages tailored to domestic TV viewing habits, Yettel TV is an internet-based television service combining the benefits of cable TV and online streaming platforms. Once purchased, the service is quick and easy to set up and it can be used immediately. One subscription can be installed on up to 30 devices and used on 3 devices simultaneously. Yettel TV has three tariff packages, the largest of which offers up to 93+3 TV channels. Some TV programs can be watched live and recorded, paused and rewound.

Yettel TV can be ordered together with Yettel’s OtthonNet and OtthonNet Pro tariff plans, or with consumer voice tariffs. Yettel recommends the former option for stable network experience required for watching TV at home. Depending on the package selected, the service is available from as little as HUF 2,000 per month. Customers have the flexibility to switch their existing package to a different one, even on a temporary basis for a specific series or a championship. Yettel TV S, M and L packages include RTL+ Active and TV2 Play Premium streaming services alongside the most popular channels. HBO Max can be purchased at a discounted price of HUF 1,590 per month on top of the largest Yettel TV L package.

The service can be accessed via a TV Box connected to a television set, through the Yettel TV app on mobile phones and tablets, or using a web interface on a computer. Downloadable apps for smart TVs will also be available soon. The TV Box has the benefit of being based on Android TV, which, in addition to accessing Yettel TV channels and features, allows you to smarten your television set, installing apps, running games and accessing Google services such as YouTube and YouTube Music on a suitable TV. Customers with an OtthonNet or OtthonNet Pro tariff plan can rent a TV Box for HUF 0 per month with a 2-year commitment.

Launching with new features and content, Yettel TV is tested jointly with the operator’s customers – during which Yettel is also counting on their feedback. So, the service is now available for trial for HUF 0 for 3 months when purchasing a new OtthonNet or OtthonNet Pro tariff plan.
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