Yettel launches mental health program for teachers

In our fast-paced world, you constantly face unpredictable events and it’s increasingly challenging to find the balance essential for your mental health. In response to that, Yettel’s digital education program, ProSuli, decided to launch its Mental Balance initiative to support schools in helping teachers and pupils achieve and maintain their mental health.

The skills required to cope with the challenges of everyday life include self-reflection, digital well-being, growth mindset, stress management, effective communication, improved emotional intelligence. Although there are many different ideas about the future we want for ourselves and the next generation, most people agree on the importance of the well-being of the society. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has set guidelines for the future of learning to achieve well-being by 2030. To implement these guidelines, people need to acquire the competences that will help them respond well to change, which is now an essential life skill. It’s also crucial to manage emotions and consider education a process.



Yettel’s digital education program, ProSuli is launching its Mental Balance initiative to support schools in helping their teachers and pupils achieve and maintain mental balance.

“Finding mental balance is not only important for digital awareness. We want to provide methodology support to help teachers develop the skills and practices they need to enhance their own and their pupils’ emotional well-being. We believe that supporting teachers in this way can contribute to their effectiveness and the success of the next generation,” said Krisztina Varga, a teacher and mental health expert at ProSuli.

A ProSuli Mental Balance Program will be continuously improved and expanded in the coming period. The program is based on three main pillars.
The first pillar is providing information regularly to schools about events and programs that could be useful for them. May 2023 will see the first ProSuli Mental Balance Professional Day where renowned experts will deliver presentations and hold workshops to help teachers effectively find and maintain their own and their pupils’ mental balance.
The second pillar is local support: schools can request hands-on sessions (team coaching, workshops) for their teaching staff or classes with a specific focus on restoring and maintaining mental well-being, and on mindset development, with the primary aim of improving the well-being of teachers and groups of children and the skills needed to achieve this.
The third pillar is methodology training for teachers to enable them to support their pupils. To this end, teachers will be introduced to know-how, methods and techniques that can be integrated into their teaching efforts, including the topics of self-reflection, digital well-being, growth mindset, stress management, effective communication and improved emotional intelligence.
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