Yettel launches innovations benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises

Combined handset discount, unlimited service, cyber protection and priority call center support

The SME sector also has to respond to the changing economic circumstances, as well as to the opportunities and challenges of digitisation. In response to this need, Yettel’s new tariff plans for SMEs provide combined handset discounts, unlimited service, cyber security and priority call center support to small and medium-sized businesses.

In line with a new trend in the fast moving mobile market, more and more customers consider using their existing handsets for a longer period of time, i.e. for 3 years or more, instead of the previous 1- or 2-year replacement cycle. Yettel’s SME customers now find an option suiting their business strategy no matter how frequently they want to replace their handsets. The Yettel Business tariff plans available from 8 November offer them up to 50% higher handset purchase discounts in any case. Moreover, these discounts  can still be combined for several subscriptions. SMEs with multiple subscriptions can combine the handset discounts of all their subscriptions in one, if they wish. They can get a handset discount of up to HUF 110,000 on a single tariff, and then combine these discounts for multiple tariffs to purchase a single handset.

Unlimited service, priority call center support and free cyber security

Another market trend is customer demand for and openness to the use of unlimited voice and data services offering a carefree mobile experience. The newly announced Yettel Business tariffs all include unlimited service, which can be configured according to the needs of the business or even combined by SMEs.

Time is of great value in business, so you definitely not want to spend it on waiting to be put through to the call center. This approach is supported by dedicated priority call center support that comes automatically with the Új Yettel Business Prime tariff plans which can significantly reduce the time needed to reach the call center.

Business customers also face a growing number of online fraud attempts, including SMS and email attacks. In their case, not only personal data, but also sensitive business data need to be protected. This is supported by Yettel’s NetPajzs service that filters fraudulent websites at a network level, using a database updated every few minutes, so that a careless click will not take the user to a phishing site on Yettel’s network. NetPajzs already comes built-in in the renewed Új Yettel Business Prime Plus and Új Yettel Business Prime Max tariffs, and is available free of charge after activation.

In addition, all tariffs offer the option to order additional services that can be used flexibly, periodically or even on a monthly renewable basis, depending on the company’s business processes and needs.

“The tens of billions of HUF invested in the end-to-end modernisation of our network and in the roll-out of the future-proof 5G network aim to ensure the level of reliability and quality that will enable us to partner with our customers in their business success. And a reliable network can help us achieve this goal by providing relevant services. This is what our renewed mobile portfolio brings to Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises taking into account customer needs, the modern age, technology and economic conditions”, said Gábor Fülöp, Yettel’s Business Sales and Marketing Director.

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