Yettel gives a paid day off to volunteering employees

Yettel Hungary provides a paid day off to volunteering employees joining humanitarian organizations to help mitigate the war crisis. On the day selected for the initiative, Yettel employees will share information, provide guidance, distribute food, do packing and packaging at the sites designated by the Hungarian Red Cross and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid. Volunteers with a car will also be involved in transportation efforts.

In addition to supporting a humanitarian cause, Yettel also wants to set a model for other Hungarian companies to follow. The initiative provides valuable support to colleagues who want to directly participate in helping refugees.

Yettel’s contribution

In partnership with several aid organizations, the operator is continuously seeking opportunities to use its tools and services to support refugees fleeing to Hungary, customers staying in the war zone and those who want to reach their loved ones living there. In line with this, Yettel has cancelled the charges of international calls made by its customers from Hungary to base-rate numbers in Ukraine, as well as the data, call and SMS roaming charges of Yettel customers staying in Ukraine as of 24 February. Customers need to request the cancellation of these charges. For more information please visit:

Yettel has also provided more than 40,000 preloaded SIM cards to refugees in Hungary (with 5GB of mobile internet, 50 minutes of domestic airtime and free airtime for international calls to Ukraine) and also 1,300 mobile phones. In addition, it has provided 10 mobile phones with unlimited service to the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid used as “mobile phone booths” along the Ukrainian border and free Wi-Fi hotspots used to support refugees at railway stations.

Yettel employees have also started an in-house campaign in which those working at the Yettel HQ in Törökbálint, at the call center in Szeged and in the retail network collect money, food and other items for Ukrainian refugees. Before transferring the amount raised, Yettel will match the funds contributed by its employees.