Yettel establishes Customer Experience Department

The new function is headed by Loránd Várkonyi

Upon the launch of the new brand, Yettel has set up its Customer Experience Department headed by Loránd Várkonyi. Through the active and extensive contribution of the new department, the mobile operator wants to elevate customer satisfaction to a higher level, a key goal of the new brand.

Várkonyi Lóránd

Loránd Várkonyi joined the company as Project Manager 8 years ago. He filled management positions in various business, technology and transformation programs. He was involved in coordinating network sharing with other operators and was Program Manager responsible for the company’s GDPR compliance. Since 2018 to date, he held a senior position at the digital function assuming an active role in renewing the webshop and other digital customer touchpoints, as well as the adoption of new technical capabilities. In summer 2019, he was put in charge of coordinating the digital business and future development directions of CEE operations. Before telecommunications, Loránd Várkonyi worked in the energy industry where he supported the system deployment and process development projects of multinational companies as a business and IT consultant.

The new department headed by Loránd Várkonyi will be part of the company’s Commercial Division. Its key goal will be to promote the broader adoption of already available services popular with customers, identify areas of development across the company’s products, services and customer touchpoints to further improve customer convenience, and implement new capabilities to enhance customer satisfaction.