Yettel distributes 1 million GB of mobile data as a free gift

To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of the Yettel brand, the operator is distributing 1 million GB of mobile data to Prime group customers with voice plans in a new promotion. Yettel wants its customers to share the reliable network experience with each other, so eligible customers can request and share an extra 100 GB of data with other Yettel subscribers or activate it for themselves.

Starting from 7 February, Yettel is distributing 1 million GB of data to its eligible Prime group customers. The Prime group offers several benefits to those who form a group of at least two Prime subscriptions – including unlimited domestic calls within the group for a minute rate of HUF 0, and a monthly discount of up to 15% for three Prime plans. 

In the promotion, all Yettel customers with a voice plan in the Prime group will receive a unique code in SMS to activate an extra one-off 100 GB domestic data allowance valid for 30 days on the website The promotional code can be redeemed up to a limit of 1 million GB, once for each number, and it is transferable to another Yettel customer or can be activated by the customer receiving it.

Yettel wants its customers to share the reliable experience offered by its network currently being modernized with each other. The project launched in 2021 from a budget of tens of billions of HUF will expand the availability of 5G technology and increase the capacity of 4G providing coverage for 99% of Hungary’s population to 2-3 times its previous level to satisfy customers’ growing mobile and home internet needs in the long run.

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