Unlimited e-book reading brought to you at a discount with new partnership between Bookmate and Yettel

E-books are popular with readers for their many benefits including portability, flexibility and environmental friendliness. The format is growing in popularity around the world. Thanks to a new partnership between Bookmate, one of the world’s largest e-book providers, and Yettel in Hungary, digital book lovers can now enjoy a discount on Bookmate’s e-book and audiobook catalogue, which contains millions of volumes available to read and listen to without restriction.

E-books offer convenient portability and a personalised reading experience, as a mobile device can store up to a library’s worth of digital books. Being paperless, they are also an environmentally friendly alternative to printed books, and in many cases they are also more affordable. It is no coincidence that e-reading is growing in popularity all around the world. Bookmate, the e-book streaming service that offers unlimited access to millions of e-books with a monthly subscription, and Yettel Hungary have now entered into a new partnership to meet this need.

E-books and audiobooks on your mobile, tablet and the web providing an anytime and anywhere reading experience

The Bookmate catalogue contains more than 15 million e-books and audiobooks in 16 languages. It offers an international selection of literature from the world’s most popular publishers, as well as popular Hungarian titles including more than 5,000 Hungarian-language volumes and over 500 audiobooks in Hungarian. The app offers readers what Spotify offers music listeners or Netflix offers movie and series viewers: unlimited access to the content available in the service for a fixed monthly subscription fee. During the free trial period and with an active subscription, you can read or listen to an unlimited number of e-books and audiobooks from the catalogue using the app, even offline without an internet connection. The Bookmate mobile app is available on iOS, Android and the web, so you can read or listen to selected content anytime, anywhere on devices running these systems.

The library contains a wide variety of genres, from fiction and non-fiction to children’s books and audiobooks. Bookmate is more than just an e-reader service. Its community feature offers a new reading experience and allows readers to form an active community. The app analyses subscribers’ reading habits and uses a recommendation system to help them find the books they are interested in, create their own library and organise their own bookshelves based on their favourite titles. Users can follow other registered book lovers in the app and share their reading experiences with each other.

As part of the partnership between Bookmate and Yettel, the mobile operator’s customers can buy a Bookmate subscription on their mobile phone bill (“buy now, pay later”), and in addition, as Yettel customers, they can also use the e-book streaming service with the Bookmate app at a permanently discounted monthly fee of HUF 2,299/month instead of HUF 2,890/month.

“Mobile payment is a successful and popular service, and our subscribers love the 'buy now, pay later' model. Our annual revenue from this is growing at around 10%, which means more than 4 million transactions a year. It is very important for us to offer new value-added services to our customers through this payment method, and with Bookmate we have added an important partner to our offering,” said Máté Pomezanski, Yettel’s Digital Products Director.