Time-based digital BKK tickets added to Yettel Wallet app

Customers can now have the cost of their BKK tickets charged to their mobile phone bill

Paperless solution for occasional journeys

The line tickets and time-based (30- and 90-minute) digital tickets of Budapest Transport Center (BKK) have been added to the range of services available with the Yettel Wallet app. Time-based tickets enable customers to change BKK lines several times and travel both ways within the specified time slot. Using time-based tickets, any journey started within the validity period can be completed within Budapest, even if it takes longer than 30 or 90 minutes. Tickets can be purchased in a simple and convenient transaction using the Yettel Wallet app with the cost charged to customers’ mobile phone bill. With the digital solution available without a convenience fee, even occasional journeys become completely paperless.

Yettel customers can purchase tickets or monthly passes for the services of public transport service providers of major cities, BKK, Volánbusz and GYSEV with the costs charged to their mobile phone bills. This offering has now been expanded with the time-based tickets of BKK. The purchase transaction can be easily managed using the Yettel Wallet app. Postpaid customers pay for the product when settling their next mobile phone bill based on the ‘buy now, pay later’ principle. For prepaid customers, the amount is immediately debited to their available balance which means that they don’t need to give their bank card data in the app. The app purchase is completed online, that is, customers need active data connection to purchase, validate and show their tickets. The transaction incurs no extra cost, customers are not charged any convenience fee for their purchase.

“Transport-related purchases are clearly the most popular mobile payment transactions in the Yettel Wallet app. Over the past years, parking and motorway toll payment accounted for 75% of all mobile payment transactions. The new time-based tickets will benefit not only regular public transport users but also car owners who use public transport services occasionally, for short periods of time. This is in line with Yettel’s goal to provide simple, easy-to-use and relevant services to make people’s lives easier”, said Máté Pomezanski, Yettel’s Digital Products Director.

Yettel’s mobile payment services are currently used by more than 600,000 customers. In addition to mobile payment solutions, they include mobile marketplace services such as the purchasing of apps or other digital content. This means, that customers with Android- and iOS-based mobile phones can pay for the apps, music titles or other content purchased in Play Store and App Store using their mobile phones with the cost charged to their Yettel bill. Yettel was the first operator in Hungary to launch this service for Android OS users.