This is how modern folk music and rock sound together

Kacaj and The Pontiac release new song

The blending of two musical genres is always exciting – the latest collaboration between Kacaj and The Pontiac is no different. The song “Ébredek” (I’m awakening) promises a catchy tune both to the lovers of Hungarian folk pop and those of American-style rock music. The co-production is a good example of how two bands from different backgrounds and different genres can find common ground. The two bands met and their song and video were produced as part of the Yettel Stage music platform.

The song is about being a musician, becoming a musician and the path you can take to reach your goals step by step. This is the path currently being followed both by Kacaj and The Pontiac, that, although coming from different backgrounds, crossed paths through Yettel Stage’s support for emerging musicians which also inspired the song they created together. In a situation like this, it’s important to be able to make a compromise, which the bands said they were able to do, as the song was written in full agreement.

“There was great harmony between the two bands from the outset. We get on very well together, both personally and musically. The song was produced in a smooth process during a great night in Pécs, where we met for the first time to make music and where the skeleton of the song was put together”, said Barnabás Nagy, singer of The Pontiac.

Formed in 2017, The Pontiac’s songs combine authentic American rock with the bittersweetness of Hungarian alternative music. The members met and became friends while studying at the Kőbánya Music Studio. Kacaj is a modern, progressive, yet authentic band from Pécs, founded three years ago, mixing folk with modern pop music. It’s special in that its members belong to different age groups and play a wide range of musical genres.  From alternative rock to hiphop music, they are inspired by many different styles with Hungarian folk music as the connecting link between them.  It’s from these already mixed genres that the co-production was born.

“To be honest, I was a little anxious before the songwriting night about how two such extreme styles could be blended, but when we played the instruments together, there was no question about that. It opened up a very special and wide musical world that was new to both of us, and we fell in love with it together,"” said Bálint Katona a.k.a. “Baka”, the frontman of Kacaj.

The song was created by the two bands as part of the Yettel Stage music platform, which aims to help emerging artists gain national exposure through telecommunications, a reliable mobile network and support from seasoned musicians. The song and the video clip were recorded at the same time, with the two bands arriving from two different parts of the country for a few days’ retreat, so everything is real in the pictures including the fatigue and the hard work. The crew arrived in the thick of the song’s recording to capture the most exciting moments.

Kacaj and The Pontiac are also featured Yettel’s latest commercial to support the two bands on their road to success.

About Yettel Stage

In the summer of 2022, Yettel asked Majka, Margaret Island and Punnany Massif, three acclaimed Hungarian artists from different genres, to select and support one emerging musician each. The Yettel Stage music platform was designed to help talented artists gain national exposure through telecommunications, a reliable mobile network and support from seasoned musicians.
The platform was launched with a special concert series, and then the emerging bands – Kacaj, Perrin and The Pontiac – received ongoing communication support, including the production of a video clip, to reach a wider audience. In October, the programme culminated in a free 5G concert in Budapest’s Szabadság tér, where all the artists performed on one stage.

The clip is available on the two bands’ Youtube channels:
The Pontiac -