The race is on for used mobile phones

Schools and students can compete in collecting used mobile phones and batteries as part of Sustainability Week

The national Sustainability Week to be held between 24 and 28 April will feature the launch of a seasonal competition to collect used mobile phones and batteries. The competition aims to raise children’s awareness of the importance of waste sorting and recycling. The competition open to students and schools will take place between 17 April and 19 May, with the Ministry of the Interior, the Kék Bolygó Foundation and Yettel Hungary as main sponsors.

753 tonnes of batteries and nearly 200,000 phones already in the bag

In the PontVelem program launched 12 years ago, participating schools and students have collected 753,000 kilograms of used batteries and 181,000 mobile phones to date. The amount of used waste collected by schools and students has been increasing steadily every year. In 2022, 165 schools joined the seasonal collection campaign and collected a total of 4,572 mobile phones in one month. Thanks to the children’s activity, more than 20,000 kilograms of batteries were recycled.

During this year’s Sustainability Week, the seasonal waste collection championship will be organised again for students and schools in two categories (mobile phones and batteries). In the 5-week challenge, participants will collect used batteries and mobile phones from households for subsequent recycling. Throughout this period, the competition’s top list will track the total weight of used batteries and the number of mobile phones collected by competitors.

The ten primary school students collecting the most used mobile phones and batteries will win a valuable voucher, while the schools collecting the most used mobile phones and batteries in each county will get a grant of HUF 30,000 each.

The main sponsors of the competition running between 17 April and 19 May 2023 include the Ministry of Interior, the Kék Bolygó Foundation and Yettel Hungary. For more information on how to participate, please visit the following website: