Students’ key cybersecurity concerns include data protection, fraudulent prize games and online harassment

Awards of the competition announced by DUE Media Network and Yettel NetBiztos were presented at the DUE National Youth Media Festival. This year’s winners submitted short videos covering subjects such as the dangers of online gaming, fake websites and data privacy.

This year again, DUE Media Network and Yettel NetBiztos announced a competition for 2- to 3-minute videos on cybersecurity created by young people aged 12 to 22. Of the more than 70 pieces submitted, the professional jury selected three winners who were awarded a tablet, a smartphone and a mobile internet subscription for several months.

The first prize went to Emma Kamilla Botos, student of Németh László Secondary School in Budapest, whose video titled Play Smart addressed the threats of online games, fraudulent prize games and online scams with a special focus on sharing personal and bank card data. According to the jury, the children’s language used in the video makes the theme easy to understand for teenagers.

The runner-up was class 10/a of the Premonstratensian Vocational Secondary School and Dormitory. Their video highlighted the threats of buying items on websites presenting fake offers and too-good-to-be-true deals. The jury praised the video for its tangible approach to data privacy, clever solutions and practical advice given to viewers.

The third prize was awarded of Dorina Szabó, student of Bolyai Secondary School and Dormitory for Gifted Students. Her video explored how data shared online can become a source of threat and how easily the users of social media sites can fall victim to online harassment. The video provides a vivid illustration of how everyday internet use can become a dangerous business and it gives practical advice that anyone can follow.

Yettel has been working for years to provide relevant guidance on responsible internet use. Its digital education program HiperSuli now supports teachers in making their classes more efficient and enjoyable using digital devices and platforms in 125 schools all over the country. The TudatosNet initiative provides videos, classroom workshops and events to educate students, teachers and parents about online threats and the ways to prevent them.