Students from Budapest and Jászapáti to represent Hungary at robotics competition in Estonia

“Robotics has a place in public education”

The third ProSuli National Robotics Competition, one of the largest of its kind in Hungary, ended with the highest number of participants ever, exceeding the expectations of the organisers. The two winning teams of the competition attended by nearly 100 students and their teachers in 46 teams will compete at the Robotex competition in Estonia in November, with 27 countries taking part.

The role of robotics in education is becoming increasingly important, which is why ProSuli decided to add this discipline to its training in digital education methodology. The activity combines design, construction, programming and problem solving to develop students’ structured thinking, creativity and fine motor skills. Team competitions and preparation for them improve students’ communication, compromise and collaboration skills.

Yettel’s ProSuli digital education program held its third robotics competition this year. Over the years, the number of participants has almost quintupled, and this year nearly 100 students in 46 teams and their accompanying teachers from primary and secondary schools put their skills to the test. The ProSuli Robotics Competition has become one of the largest events of its kind in Hungary. This year, for the first time, entries were accepted not only from ProSuli participants, but from any school in Hungary.

Fastest line follower goes to Estonia

This year’s line-following challenge required the robots, programmed by the students, to follow a pre-defined course with complex turns as quickly and accurately as possible. Robots, which had been built and programmed by the teams before the race, followed the course using their sensors.
The teams from the Jászapáti Gróf Széchenyi István Catholic Primary and Secondary School and the Sashegyi Arany János Primary and Secondary School won the close competition full of surprises. The winning teams from the two age groups will travel to Tallinn, Estonia in November with the support of Yettel, where they will compete against the best from 27 countries at the Robotex International Robotics Competition.

“We want to introduce students to the world of robotics and programming as early as possible, and the competition we are organising provides an excellent platform for this. The competition is a great entry point into the world of robotics for those who are new to the field, but also an exciting challenge for those who have been programming robots for a while. We are proud that the number of participants has almost quintupled in the last three years. Based on the growing number of teams and the enthusiasm of the participants, we believe that robotics definitely has a place in Hungarian public education”, said Balázs Koren, head of the ProSuli program and coordinator of the competition.

You can watch the mood video of the third ProSuli Robotics Competition on the program’s YouTube channel. A photo gallery of the event is available at the ProSuli website.