Special sensitisation initiative during the holidays

Yettel’s campaign generates hundreds of thousands of views and donations totaling HUF 10.5 million

The video content in which content creators with disabilities gave Christmas gifts tips generated nearly six hundred thousand views. Based on the number of views, Yettel donated a total of HUF 10.5 million to KézenFogva Foundation that will be used to help people living in care homes and to support digital accessibility.

With this year’s Christmas initiative, Yettel worked to enhance the visibility of people with disabilities by “making gifts accessible” in partnership with the KézenFogva Foundation. The Christmas cards available at legertekesebbajandek.yettel.hu inspired visitors of the website to give their loved ones a gift of shared experiences and time spent together. The implementation of four ideas was supported by content creators with disabilities in the form of podcasts and videos.

Károly Mucsi, a young man with autism, gave tips on starting a book club, István Cservenka, a tennis player with mental disabilities, on playing sports, and Katalin Kiss, a visually impaired person, on cooking together. Amateur actor and influencer Zoltán Fenyvesi, also known as Wheelchairguy – and the main character in one of Yettel’s Christmas commercials – has created an audio guide for the joint exploration of unknown cities.

Yettel pledged a donation to the organisation after each view. After the content reached a total of nearly 600,000 views, the company donated HUF 10.5 million and mobile services to KézenFogva Foundation.

“Participating in the campaign was a great honour for KézenFogva Foundation celebating its 30th anniversary this year. We were very pleased with the results we achieved together, and our cooperation was particularly useful in this challenging period. The program will enable us to support digital accessibility in the areas of housing, employment and training with an even greater capacity for development, mentoring and coaching. This way our residents and clients can continue their lives being less reliant on support, and can better integrate into the social environment around them,” said Ákos Pordán, Managing Director of KézenFogva Foundation.

“Our key ambition is to help vulnerable groups in society who face various disadvantages by enabling them to exploit the potentials of mobile technology. As part of our joint initiative with KézenFogva Foundation, we wanted to provide more visibility for people with disabilities, leveraging the communication strengths of our company, in addition to targeted financial support. In the same spirit, we had previously made a commitment to help visually impaired people access our visual content by making our social media platforms and yettel.hu digitally accessible,” added Attila Mészáros, Yettel’s Corporate Communications Director.

Content produced under the initiative:
Book club for two with Károly Mucsi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10vh2dMA36Q
Vegan tacos with 6 ingredients from Katalin Kis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwI1zXqG8rI
Getting lost guide with Zoli Fenyvesi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL-7x95Iuq8&t=3s
Heading to the tennis court with István Cservenka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_SaBk6GfNw&t=2s