ProSuli launches Digital Ambassador program

Yettel’s digital education program elevates to next level by opening regional offices

ProSuli is launching its Digital Ambassador program. The aim is to bring the digital education program, currently running in 130 schools, to more communities all over the country, to more teachers open to innovation and the digital world, and through them to thousands more children to help them and reduce the burden on their teachers.

In cooperation with the University of Debrecen and Diószegi Kis István Reformed Bilingual Primary School in Berettyóújfalu, ProSuli held Teachers’ Day for the second time. The event organised in Berettyóújfalu was an opportunity for teachers to participate in innovative classes, where they were introduced to new digital teaching methodologies such as digital grammar, digital culture and LEGO-based religious education. The Teachers’ Day also featured an IT competition for primary school pupils, with children in grades 5 and 6 solving tasks in LEGO building and animation, and grades 7 and 8 in spreadsheet management.

The launch of ProSuli Digital Ambassador program was announced at the Teachers’ Day

The Teachers’ Day was attended by nearly eighty teachers from all regions of the country, who were the first to learn about the launch of the ProSuli Digital Ambassador program, which aims to effectively disseminate digital education methodologies all over the country, including in smaller villages, involving local experts familiar with the specific needs of each region. The Ambassador program will also provide an opportunity to create a regional network to help teachers with digital skills, in addition to the central coordination unit that has been in place so far. The program will include five Ambassador teachers at a national level. In the North East region, teachers will be assisted by Mária Csernoch, in the South East by Krisztina Varga. Following the launch of the program, three more Digital Ambassadors will join them. They will be responsible for the South West, North West and Central Hungary regions.

The cooperation between Yettel, founder of the ProSuli program, and the University of Debrecen was launched in 2022 when ProSuli teachers could complete a two-semester higher vocational education program at the university following an accredited training course.
“We are delighted to take ProSuli to the next level. Teachers from all over the country are eager to learn how to incorporate digital skills into their teaching in ways that can help students in their everyday learning. We continue to help teachers identify methodologies that can take the burden off their shoulders and help them use 21st century methods. The Digital Ambassador program is the next step in supporting teachers to avoid feeling lost in the maze of the digital world and to get direct help from an active, expert colleague available in their region”, said Balázs Koren, Head of the ProSuli Program.