Telenor offers new extra services to Hiper customers

Telenor’s Hiper customers were offered extra services and discounts related specifically to their subscription before, but now the operator is broadening the range of extra services and discounts available to them. If they buy a new handset, they can cancel the transaction or can use replacement guarantee in 30 days of the date of purchase and an all-time discount on smart accessories. The convenience options offered by customer service have also been enhanced by Telenor.

In the range of consumer postpaid Hiper M Net and M Talk, L, L+ and XXL tariffs, every customer can find a tariff plan best suited to their needs whether they have a preference for unlimited airtime or high mobile data allowance. In spring 2021, Telenor introduced three categories of extra services for Hiper customers: exclusive offers, handset-related services and convenience features. In the future, more options will be added to all three categories.

More handset services

When a Hiper customer buys a new handset, they can cancel the transaction in 30 days and use a replacement guarantee. That is, if they are not satisfied with their new mobile phone, they can return it to Telenor or replace it with another handset in 30 days of the date of purchase.

In addition, Hiper customers can continue to trade in their old handset for a new one once a year. They don’t need to wait until their commitment period expires, but once a year they can replace their old handset purchased with a Hiper tariff with the price of the new handset reduced by the value of the old one. If their handset is damaged, Telenor will send a courier to collect the handset free of charge and provides a replacement if needed.

More exclusive offers

In addition to using HUF 0 handset offers, Hiper customers will also be able to redeem a 10% discount off the purchase price of any smart accessory including smart watches once a year.  

More care

Telenor is offering a new benefit to Hiper customers also in customer service. In addition to fast-lane service in the call center, now they can access Telenor’s videochat-based customer service outside normal working hours between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. every day, if they want to manage their Hiper tariffs. (To access this feature, please click on the videochat icon in the bottom right corner of the page

Hiper customers can also make use of the HiperCsoport service. If at least two Hiper customers with an active commitment period join forces and create a HiperGroup, they become eligible for several discounts including up to 15% off the monthly fee or unlimited airtime within the group.

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