New name, more training opportunities and 135 schools: this is how Yettel’s digital education program starts the school year

A digital repository including nearly 60 interactive lessons to support teacher development

Known as HiperSuli since 2015 among teachers and institutions open to digital education across the country, Yettel’s digital education program will move to the next level and will continue as ProSuli from September. The project will offer new opportunities: participating teachers can soon enrol in sustainability and mental health training. The training materials developed under the successful digital curriculum program are already used by nearly 800 teachers across the country.

Yettel’s digital education program will continue under a new name from September, which was first announced to participants at a Teachers’ Day event. The program now called ProSuli has been actively promoting and developing digital education methodologies among Hungarian schools and teachers since 2015.

“Although we let go of several things with the rebranding of Yettel, we did not question the importance of digital education. Initially launched to ensure the availability of devices and then increasingly focused on knowledge sharing, the program continues to help make learning and education manageable in both ‘peacetime’ and under unexpected circumstances. The name change will give the program new momentum and we’d like to take it to the next level", said Attila Mészáros, Communications Director of Yettel at the ProSuli Teachers’ Day ushering in the new school year and attended by teachers from all over the country.

The lockdown period has shown that the availability of appropriate devices and effective knowledge sharing are prerequisites for smooth learning and teaching. Yettel’s digital education program is now running in 135 schools all over the country, supporting teachers open to digital education, building teacher communities and providing internet access to help schools go digital. The program is adding sustainability and mental health training to its portfolio to mark the new school year expected to be full of challenges.

Third curriculum development competition closed

In 2020, the desire to share the experience of lockdown education led to the launch of ProSuli’s digital curriculum development competition for teachers. The initiative aimed to help teachers navigate the world of digital education and support them in expanding their online opportunities, whether it’s collaborative work, testing or transferring new knowledge.

Out of the many applications received for the competition, announced for the third time in 2022, a total of 10 new teaching materials will be made available on Webuni as part of the digital repository currently including more than 50 digital skills lessons free of charge for all teachers. The winning applications include gamification teaching materials, reading skills development lessons, and a training course to support project work and digitisation. The winning teaching materials of ProSuli’s curriculum development competitions have already helped nearly 800 teachers of 100 Hungarian schools enhance their digital skills. The new teaching materials of the latest competition will soon be made available at Webuni.

ProSuli remains open to all and welcomes applications from teachers and schools alike. For more information, please visit the ProSuli website.