Mobile instead of cable: Yettel launches 5G home internet service

The new technology capable of replacing fixed-line internet brings one of the most promising 5G business models and use cases ever to the Hungarian consumer market

In Hungary, Yettel is the first operator to launch a consumer home internet service based on 5G technology. Further expanding the range of the operator’s home services, Yettel OtthonNet Pro provides unlimited data and a speed common to fixed-line networks. Under the launch campaign, customers signing a loyalty contract can test the OtthonNet Pro service for 6 months without a monthly fee and without commitment.

Last autumn, Yettel entered the home services segment with its 4G-based OtthonNet solution. Until now, 5G has been used in the Hungarian consumer market typically to increase the bandwidth available on mobile devices. Modern use cases providing a new user experience for masses of users have not emerged yet. The 5G-based OtthonNet Pro service is a new addition to Yettel’s consumer home portfolio.

The newly launched OtthonNet Pro is an ideal solution to those wishing to use several devices simultaneously while enjoying lightning-fast internet in their homes. The new service that can be installed in consumers’ homes provides unlimited data and a download speed of up to 1,000 MBit/s using a specific device and subject to certain conditions. Such a speed was available only with fibre optic fixed-line solutions before [1].  

“The launch of Hungary’s first 5G-based business model providing fixed wireless internet access to consumers is yet another important step on the strategic road to providing high-quality services in customers’ homes. We believe that our service is a competitive alternative and 5G is a viable replacement for traditional fixed-line technologies”, said Peter Gazik, CEO of Yettel Hungary.

Yettel’s home product portfolio available nationwide also includes OtthonNet, a service providing unlimited data with an estimated maximum download speed of 150 Mbit/s ideal for average internet needs. The availability of OtthonNet and OtthonNet Pro depends on the consumer’s address, both services can be used for the postal code specified in the contract. For locations where the OtthonNet Pro or OtthonNet services are not available, Yettel offers the OtthonNet Lite service providing 500 GB of daytime data and 500 GB of night-time data with an estimated maximum download speed of 150 Mbit/s.

Under an ongoing promotion, all three services can be tested for 6 months without a monthly fee and without commitment by customers signing a 12-month loyalty contract.

More information:

[1] The speed of up to 1,000 Mbit/s is available in areas with 5G coverage and good reception using a ZTE MC7010 outdoor modem and a computer with a 2.5 GbE LAN interface connected to the modem’s internal power supply via a CAT6 UTP cable.