Majka, Margaret Island and Punnany Massif promote talented bands

Yettel Stage music platform launches with free concerts

Yettel is launching a music platform where Majka, Margaret Island and Punnany Massif will promote emerging local bands. The Yettel Stage aims to help talented performers gain national exposure through digital tools and the experience of seasoned musicians. The platform will launch with a unique series of free concerts at three locations across the country.

Everybody started somewhere. Where an artist’s career goes depends on many factors. A lot of hard work? Visibility? Being at the right place at the right time? Different journeys, different styles, but they all have one thing in common: talent. Yettel selected three Hungarian performers of different genres and asked them to return to their roots and select an emerging local band for promotion. This summer, festival headliners Majka, Margaret Island and Punnany Massif will promote the career of Perrin, The Pontiac and KACAJ on the Yettel Stage.

“At Yettel, our key goal is to provide people with services that help them regain their balance in different areas of their lives. Music is an excellent tool for that. With the Yettel Stage music platform, we want to demonstrate the power of connection and telecommunications by combining talent with fame and digitisation with the magic of personal encounter”, said Gergely Dolezsai, Director of Brand and Marketing Communication at Yettel.

The platform will be launched with a special free concert series. On July 27, Punnany Massif and KACAJ will hit the stage in Pécs to be followed by Perrin and Majka in Ózd on 2 August, and Margaret Island and The Pontiac near Lake Balaton on 3 August. The emerging bands will also get ongoing communication support and a video clip to help them reach as many people as possible through the follower base of Yettel and established performers.

About the bands:

KACAJ is a modern, progressive, yet authentic band that mixes folk music with modern pop music genres – straight from the heart of Pécs. The band will perform at the Yettel Stage event with the support of Punnany Massif. “Punnany also comes from Pécs, so nostalgia and local patriotism will certainly be part of the evening. Over the last 20 years, we have seen a lot of things in the Hungarian music industry, and we think it is our duty to help lesser known but talented bands – either with our experience or by sharing the stage with them”, said Roland Farkas, or Wolfie, one of the frontmen of Punnany Massif.

Perrin’s music is inspired by the soul and funk melodies of the 70s and 80s exploring the boundaries of sophisticated pop and underground in a forward-looking and experimental spirit. Soma Palotai, a.k.a. Perrin, will be shaking up the Ózd countryside in the company of Majka. “I receive loads of enquiries from many places. Many artists and bands send me and the management their introductory materials. It's not easy to manage that but we always select the warm-up bands for our concerts very carefully. It's also a big responsibility, as playing to a full house is a huge opportunity and motivation for a younger band. I’m happy to see talent gain exposure which is the key mission of the Yettel Stage initiative. I like supporting good causes and this collaboration could bring the young and talented Perrin significant recognition”, said Majka about the collaboration.

Blues-rock infused with an authentic American sensibility and the bittersweetness of Hungarian alternative music meet in the songs of The Pontiac. The band established in 2017 will appear on the Yettel Stage accompanied by Margaret Island. “When we started making music, we learnt a lot form the bands that supported us in one way or another and gave us an opportunity to be their warm-up band. It was great, for example, when we first played in the Budapest Park as guests of Punnany Massif. Since then, whenever we have the opportunity to give other people a chance to play at our concerts, we always take it. There are so many exciting Hungarian bands, it would be great if the audience could get to know more of them,” added Viki Lábas, singer of Margaret Island.

Concert dates and venues:
    •    27 July: KACAJ and Punnany: Pécs, Tettye ruins
    •    2 August: Perrin and Majka: Ózd, Digitális Erőmű
    •    3 August: The Pontiac and Margaret Island: Balaton, Kőröshegy Lavander Farm.
Participation is free but subject to registration due to the limited number of places.

Registration and more information: