Hungarian developers seek answers to the three biggest challenges of the crisis

Yettel’s cash-prize hackathon encourages Hungary’s most talented professionals to resolve issues related to the energy crisis and inflation

Europe is facing unprecedented energy shortages, while inflation is also hitting record highs globally. In Hungary, household budgets and small and medium-sized businesses can be hit hard, and urban mobility may well be shaken to the core. New technology solutions, however, can resolve these major challenges. With a total prize of HUF 5 million, Yettel’s hackathon is encouraging Hungary’s most talented professionals to identify these solutions and elaborate them in detail.

Open to programmers, development teams and start-ups, the two-round competition called “Hack It Your Way” will tackle the reduction of household spending using smart devices, help small and medium-sized businesses operate more efficiently and rethink urban mobility in a greener, more energy-efficient way. In the competition with a total cash prize of HUF 5 million (EUR 12,500), the most promising ideas of the winners will be used to address the crisis at a local level.

“We selected three areas to be particularly hard hit by the emerging crisis and announced a competition for innovative professionals of the country or even the region. We are offering our new mobile network and its potentials to help implement new ideas and we aim to use the latest technologies to resolve issues together with others. Reducing household spending, saving Hungarian businesses and enabling sustainable mobility is in the best interest of all, which is why we have chosen these topics for this year’s hackathon challenge”, said Mohamed ElSayad, Chief Commercial Officer of Yettel Hungary.

The competition aims to bring together Hungary’s brightest minds to solve problems facing the community, society or the world at large. The event will be combined with Yettel’s annual business meeting, where the finalist teams and leaders of local businesses and companies can discuss current and future trends in technology, providing a platform for ideas with the potential to grow.

The details of the individual topics will be published by the organizers on 10 October. Registrations and first-round ideas for the competition will be accepted from now until 30 October. The jury panel delegated by Yettel will announce the winners of the first, online round (4 teams per topic) by 8 November. This will be followed by a 24-hour brainstorming and programming event on 9 and 10 November at the end of which the contestants will present their solutions and the jury will announce the final winners. The winner in each category will get a prize HUF 1 million (EUR 2,500), while the absolute winner will be awarded an additional HUF 1.8 million (EUR 4,500). The audience prize winner will receive HUF 200,000 (EUR 500). To register for the competition, please visit