How to find balance with new music

Majka and Margaret Island present new artists at Yettel Stage’s free 5G Superconcert

Do you always listen to the same few albums over and over again or rather immerse in new artists’ music? Research has shown that people are most open to new music when they are young, but other studies claim that novelty and good music have a positive impact on your life. You can discover new music and fresh talent on 8 October in Budapest at the free 5G Superconcert of Yettel Stage, where Majka and Margaret Island will be joined on stage by emerging new bands KACAJ, Perrin and The Pontiac.

Research: it pays to stay open to new music

Research shows that as people grow older, most of them become less open to discovering new music and artists, and prefer to listen to old favourites. Although half of those surveyed would like to spend more time listening to new music, they do not, citing lack of time or the bewilderingly wide choice as a reason. But new musical experience – especially when enjoyed in company, such as a concert – not only build your personality, but also recharge you and strengthen your sense of collective belonging.

Experts agree that listening to music stimulates the brain and may influence mental processes. It can help relieve stress and improve your mood. Rhythm contributes to the improvement of several human skills. Listening to your mother’s singing as a small child, for example, can help you better understand language and use it more accurately later. The discovery of new music is related to openness that can help you adapt to change and enhance your mental and emotional stability.

Where to find new music?

The days of rummaging through hidden record shops are a thing of the past. Searching for new music is now dominated by digital solutions. Music streaming services (e.g., Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, YouTube Music) have features that suggest new artists and songs based on your taste and listening habits, but the most successful songs and emerging artists are now mostly played first on social media, such as in TikTok videos.

If you hear an exciting new song while on the road, you can just grab your mobile phone and search for the artist and song title using Shazam or SoundHound. Often, of course, personal recommendations are the best. Thanks to technology, friends can share their favourite music playlists with you with a tap, but it’s also worth following your favourite artists’ social media platforms for exciting collaborations or recommendations, and you can discover new favourites in the opening acts of live concerts, as well.

Creating a balance between digital opportunities and the magic of live concerts, the Yettel Stage platform aims to help young emerging bands gain nationwide recognition trough support from established artists of three different genres. Majka supports Perrin, inspired by the soul and funk music of the seventies and eighties; Margaret Island supports The Pontiac, whose songs combine blues-rock infused with an authentic American sensibility with the bittersweetness of domestic alternative music; and Punnany Massif supports KACAJ, a modern, progressive yet authentic band that blends folk music with modern pop genres.

Discover new artists at a special superconcert

Emerging young artists will be performing at the Yettel Stage 5G Superconcert in Budapest at Szabadság Square on 8 October. The event will feature Majka, Margaret Island, KACAJ, Perrin and The Pontiac. Admission is free and the concert will be streamed online via Yettel’s 5G network.

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