Find your balance at home: Yettel launches its first locally developed campaign

Yettel is the first operator in Hungary to launch 5G-based home internet service for consumers. The communication campaign accompanying the launch of the new service is centred around the concept of balance. The campaign starts with a commercial created using exciting technical solutions on 5 May.

Yettel wants to enable its customers to find balance in their lives and offer them products and services supporting this ambition. But what does balance mean? It means something different for everyone. Yoga, peace and quiet, nerding out with friends, relaxing with family or immersing yourself in a job that is both a profession and passion at the same time? Yettel helps everyone find their own balance through the digital world. This is the focus of the brand’s first locally developed campaign and its new commercial about a nationwide home internet service that also sends a strong promotional message to consumers.

“Guiding the first steps of a new brand is an incredibly exciting task. This campaign was preceded by lengthy planning. From the very beginning, we wanted people to perceive Yettel as an integrated service provider because we provide nationwide coverage not only in the mobile but also in the home internet business. We want to help as many people as possible find their balance and we believe that home internet can play an important role in that”, said Gergely Dolezsai, Brand and Marketing Communication Director of Yettel.

Creators of the commercial sought for a technical solution that can convey the momentum and dynamism demonstrated by Yettel entering the market and represented by the brand.

“We were involved in a completely new creative process. We worked with a camera mounted on a robotic arm and captured movements composed by the second in advance on a huge set. VFX or visual effects played a very important role in the film. From the concept to the script and to the final film, our ideas were constantly evolving, and the result was a real team effort. Our directors and the whole crew kept coming up with new ideas, which made the film better and better”, added Gergő Horváth, Creative Director of Artificial Group, the agency developing the campaign.

Yettel’s newly launched OtthonNet Pro service offering unlimited data is an ideal solution to those who want to use several devices simultaneously while enjoying lightning-fast internet in their homes. Under an ongoing promotion, customers signing a 12-month loyalty contract can test the service for 6 months without a monthly fee and without commitment.

The campaign and the commercial will run on national TV channels, online and in public spaces starting from 5 May.

The making of the commercial: