Digital Springboard: schools of disadvantaged communities can apply for digital educational devices and training for one more week

A budget of HUF 10 million and free training courses are available

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid and Telenor have again announced the Digital Springboard program targeted at educational institutions serving disadvantaged communities. The schools submitting a bid to the tender held for the second time can apply for digital devices worth HUF 2 million per school. In addition to the total budget of HUF 10 million, the teachers of winning educational institutions will also be enrolled in a 30-hour accredited online HiperSuli Digital Methodology Training. The program is open for applications until 10 January 2022.

The pandemic still keeps all educational players in uncertainty. There are communities across the country where schools would greatly benefit from the expansion of their device pool to support remote education.

Program organizers await applications from primary schools with higher grades based in socio-economically and infrastructurally underdeveloped communities where the requirements of digital education are fulfilled and education institutions are able to integrate new ways of knowledge transfer and information sharing in their educational program.

Every participating school can apply for digital devices (tablets and laptops) worth HUF 2 million in total. The selected 3 to 5 institutions will not only get these devices but their teachers will also be enrolled in the Digital Methodology Training provided by Telenor’s digital education program HiperSuli. During the course, they can acquire the skills necessary to use the donated devices and the educational apps running on them.

The key strategic goals of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid include supporting the adoption of advanced technology solutions and the active promotion of digital education in disadvantaged communities. This is the most efficient way to ensure the growth and community integration of local social groups.

“Everybody’s life is heavily affected by the pandemic. Our experience shows that the regions where families and institutions struggled with many difficulties before are even more in need of help now. This is why it is especially important to help families and educational institutions to whom the benefits of digital devices are not readily available. A laptop or a tablet with internet access provides them with the potential to learn and develop skills that can help them have a better future”, said Gábor Nagy, Head of the Social Development Division of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid.

HiperSuli’s experience shows that if three people can work sharing a tablet or a laptop, they can already engage in teamwork and use other collaboration solutions enabling 21st century education.

“This program combines Telenor’s goals for reducing inequalities and improving digital education. Although our teaching methodology program HiperSuli doesn’t traditionally include device donations, the educational situation created by COVID early last year made us realize that some regions of the country are heavily lagging behind in the most basic areas of digital education including the availability of devices and internet. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid is a long-standing partner to Telenor. They thoroughly understand the needs of disadvantaged regions which ensures that the devices donated for education purposes will get to the schools most in need”, said Attila Mészáros, Communications Director of Telenor.

Applications should be submitted before 2:00 p.m. on 10 January 2022.

For more details please visit the website of HiperSuli or