Can you have home internet based on mobile technology?

Almost everyone now has a mobile handset in their pocket, but mobile technology is also changing the landscape for fixed-line home internet. It requires some adaptation, but the benefits are significant. You can access the internet at home not only through a fixed-line connection, but also through mobile internet which in turn offers a full internet service. This in itself offers several benefits especially with 5G mobile networks, and can be a powerful option in places where fixed-line internet is not available.

If there is no cable in your home router, can you still access the internet?

If fixed-line internet is not available, a mobile-based home internet subscription with a 5G-enabled router offering unlimited data and fast download speeds may be a better solution than sharing the access on your phone with your home devices. This setup won’t drain your phone battery as quickly when everyone in the family is using the hotspot. Also, WiFi 6-enabled routers currently available offer faster download speeds and allow multiple devices to connect to the network at the same time without any problems. WiFi 6 also works well in places where many people are using the mobile network at the same time, such as in multi-storey buildings or residential areas. It also has a faster response time than previous WiFi technologies, so you can enjoy interactive applications and high-quality online video content.

The routers available with Yettel’s OtthonNet home internet plan can connect to the internet via 5G and and provide a high-performance WiFi 6 network in the home. These 5G-enabled routers also provide a better network experience on a 4G network than a 4G-enabled device.

Yettel continuous to expand the availability of 5G technology on its network. 5G can be up to ten times faster and support up to ten thousand times more devices at the same time with very low response times compared to 4G technology. Yettel was the first in Hungary to make the special “standalone” 5G technology available in a public offer. This technology is currently available to customers using Yettel’s OtthonNet tariff and its office counterpart, IrodaNet.
While the 5G networks currently deployed in Hungary can only work together with 4G for technical reasons, Yettel’s standalone 5G network runs all processes exclusively on 5G, which can significantly reduce network response times which is an advantage for online gaming, for example, and further increases available download and upload speeds. It’s important to note that mobile coverage can also affect the speed and response time you get from your router.

Can I take my mobile home internet with me?

OtthonNet is also unique among home internet solutions in that it’s not limited to a specific location. If you need stable internet access in your holiday home or when travelling across Hungary, you can activate the service and enable the Anywhere Mode once every 30 days for a period of ten days at any location with electricity at no extra charge. On two other occasions, you can do this for a fee of HUF 2,000 per occasion, so you can use the service elsewhere for a whole month if you need to.

If I choose this, should I get the vacuum cleaner ready because they are coming to drill my walls?

One of the great things about mobile home internet is that it’s quick and easy to set up. Just insert the SIM card into the router – you can even do this in a Yettel shop when you buy it – take it home, plug it in, switch it on and it’s ready to use. Apart from the power cable, there are no cables, no drilling, no waiting for a mechanic and the solution can be installed immediately.

There are lots of useful tips on where to place a router in your home to get the most out of it and enjoy the best possible internet experience. The size of your home, the thickness of the walls, as well as furniture and other fixtures can all be important, but a simple signal strength measurement can help you quickly test where to place the router for the best quality and fastest access. You should take measurements at three different locations and compare them to check the quality of the mobile signal. Visit for instructions on how to set up your router if you get stuck.

There is now no monthly fee for the first 3 months of the Yettel OtthonNet plan and if you are not satisfied with the service, you can return it within 90 days without penalty. The OtthonNet plan can now be purchased with Yettel TV to try out the full Yettel home service package.

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