Calling all teachers: HiperSuli is awaiting applications for digital curriculum development again

With the end of the school year 2021/2022 approaching, HiperSuli is inviting innovative ideas for collaboration, testing, virtual classrooms and interactive presentations again. The competition aims to support teachers and expand their online opportunities in education. The learning materials submitted will be gathered in a knowledge base freely accessible to all.

In 2020, Yettel’s digital education program HiperSuli announced its first digital curriculum development competition for teachers to share the experience accumulated during lockdown education. Based feedback from HiperSuli’s community, digital education experience is here to stay and it provides a useful resource for teachers also in a traditional classroom setting.

The key goal of the digital curriculum development competition is to help teachers navigate the maze of digital education and support them in expanding their online opportunities in collaboration, testing and knowledge sharing. The learning materials submitted will be gathered in a knowledge base freely accessible to any teacher.

The competition is open to any teacher with a higher education degree. They are not required to have any preliminary experience in developing online teaching materials. When submitting an application, teachers have to indicate the topic and the age group targeted. They can use their existing ideas in the program, they don’t have to invent an entirely new project in order to apply. Applications are invited for the following topics: collaboration, testing, virtual classroom, new knowledge sharing/interactive presentation.

Owners of the 25 best and most feasible ideas will be enrolled in a 4-week online training by HiperSuli. The teachers developing the10 best projects selected by the professional jury will be rewarded with valuable prizes. In addition to internet access required for doing their job, they will also get a prize worth HUF 100,000 each. The produced digital teaching materials will be available at

Applications are accepted until 12:00 p.m., midnight, on 26 June 2022.
More information: HiperSuli tanári tananyag-fejlesztő pályázat | Hipersuli