Being a dog-friendly employer is an advantage in the job market

Although not yet an expectation, “dog-friendliness” is an important consideration for pet owners when choosing between two similar jobs. And experts say that in a few years’ time, not being dog-friendly could be a significant competitive disadvantage for an employer in the job market. Yettel came third out of more than a hundred entrants in Hungary’s national “LegbolDOGabb munkahely” (Most Dog Friendly Workplace) competition.

Finding the right work-life balance is a challenge for many people, but the emergence of dog friendly offices can help employees better balance these two aspects of their lives. More and more people are recognising the community-building power of four-legged friends in the workplace. The presence of animals can be beneficial in many ways: first, employees with dogs often feel happier, which can improve their commitment to their workplace, and second, it can have a positive impact on other employees by creating a more motivated and cohesive team. The presence of four-legged friends in the office can not only reduce stress, but it can also build rapport between colleagues who may have not spoken to each other much or at all before.

With this in mind, recruitment and consultancy firm Beck&Partners launched the “Most Dog Friendly Workplace” competition to raise awareness of the importance of dogs in building workplace communities and retaining staff. They were looking for companies that not only run dog-friendly offices, but also support such initiatives in other ways.

Yettel came third out of more than a hundred entrants in the competition. The mobile operator welcomes dogs at its headquarters, and with nearly three quarters of its retail network being dog-friendly, it has almost a hundred shops that serve customers with dogs. Sales staff welcome all customers with dogs and they even receive special training on how to deal with assistance dogs (such as guide dogs). In addition, Yettel has also supported orphaned and injured dogs and the efforts of the “Vigyél Haza” (Take Me Home) Foundation with mobile services on several occasions in recent years.

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